Best Momos in Kathmandu

Where to Find the Best Momos in Kathmandu?

Momos are the most eaten snacks in Kathmandu, and you will find a Momo vendor on every street in the city. But, would you like to find the best place to eat finger-licking good Momos? Then, read this article to explore a few places that make the best Momos in Kathmandu.

The most eaten type of Momo in Kathmandu is Buff Momo as it is tasty and cheaper as well. Besides the basic steamed Momo, you will also find fried Momo, soup Momo, Sadheko Momo, and Kothey Momo in these restaurants.

You will find Momos in street vendors as well as in every small and big restaurant in Kathmandu. However, every restaurant and street vendor has a different kind of taste ad flavor to the snack.

Here is the list of some best restaurants where you will find a good experience eating your favorite snacks.

1. Shandar Momo

Shandar Momo is one of the famous places to eat Momos. This basic-looking restaurant doesn’t have much to offer on its menu except for Momo. But the crowd and craze for the place and the Momos they offer are vast.

The menu of Shandar Momo is simple, with options for Chicken, Vegetarian, and Buff Momo, which is served with a Jhol and Chili paste. However, the taste of the Momo is phenomenal, and it isn’t costly either.

Hence, the minimal restaurant has opened its branches in central locations of Kathmandu like Bansehwor and Pulchowk.

2. Bota Momo

Bota Momo is a chain restaurant that was first established in the year 2015. Since then, the restaurant has opened its franchise in several different spots all over Kathmandu. The restaurant specializes in Newari cuisine, among all other dishes on its menu.

The best part about this restaurant is the serving style, where the food is served on a plate/ bowl made of leaves.

You can find a wide variety of Momos in this restaurant, such as Steamed Momo, Fried Momo, Sadheko Momo, Jhol Momo, Chat Momo, Choupsey Momo, Choila Momo, Kothey Momo, Thukpa Momo, Chilly Momo, Stixx Momo, and Open Momo.

These Momos are available with chicken filling, buff filling, and vegetable filling. Besides, Kuwa Momo and Chocolate Momo are also served at this chain restaurant.

3. Narayan Daiko Masangalli Ko Famous Momo

The basic Momo menu of Narayan Daiko Masangalli Ko Momo holds a history of its own for five decades. This Momo place is very famous among the native people of the Kathmandu Valley.

There are two basic options steamed vegetable or buff Momo. However, the Momo itself isn’t the tempting factor in this place. It is the Jhol, chilly sauce and spicy red chilly paste served along with Momo that elevates the taste.

The popular buff Momo of Masangalli
The popular buff Momo of Masangalli

This place is famous for its secret spices served in those handmade Momos and pickles. Besides Momo, they also serve Buff Choyla which is equally loved by people. They have outlets in major locations of the valley such as Basantapur, Putalisadak, Nakhipot, Ratopul, etc.

4. Dalle Restaurant

The Dalle is another popular chain restaurant in Kathmandu. It is famous for its own kind of Momos which is served with dalle pickle for which the restaurant gets the name as well. They have outlets in major locations of Kathmandu like Naxal, Labim Mall, New Road, Tripureshowr, Kamladi, Jawalakhel, Durbar Marg, and Bakhundole.

Chilly Momo from Dalle
Chilly Momo from Dalle

Primarily, they are famous for Momo, but they also serve other dishes like Nepali thali and continental dishes.

The restaurant offers a range of options in Momo such as Pork, Chicken, vegetables, and Buff Momo cooked in various styles. You can find steamed, deep-fried, Jhol as well as chilly Momo with your preferred filling.

5. Dharahara Momo

This place gets its name from being located near Dharahara, a landmark of Kathmandu. There are few street vendors in that location that serve steamed Momos with vegetables, chicken, and buff meat filling.

Although there is no such unique thing about these vendors, the crowd and craze is noteworthy. It is because they serve juicy Momos at cheaper rates than most of the restaurants in the valley.

6. Mo: MoLa Palpasa Café

Mo: MoLa Palpasa Café is famous for the variety of Momo they serve. In fact, they serve Momo in a very unique way as a platter of different kinds of Momo. You can find starters to dessert in a single platter of Momo.

Momo of Mo: MoLa Palpasa Café
Momo of Mo: MoLa Palpasa Café

The platter can have Pork Momo, Chickens Momo, Paneer Momo, Cheese Momo, Aloo Momo, Bamboo Shoot Momo, Mushroom Momo, Chocolate Momo, and Chocolate Banana Momos.

Besides, the restaurant is vegan friendly so you will find a lot of vegan options as well. It is located at JP road, Bhimsengola, Kathmandu.

7. Momo Karma

The Momo Karma is one such restaurant in Kathmandu that is famous for authentic Darjeeling Momos. Their specialty is spicy tomato sauce mixed with peanuts served with juicy Momos.

They serve all kinds of varieties of Momo that are available in other similar restaurants. But the Pork Momo is the most celebrated delicacy of this café.

8. Ghangri Café

This restaurant is one of the popular ones, especially for Open Momos. The café is located at Pulchowk on Jhamsikhel road. It is the oldest place that has been serving open Momos for a long period of time.

Open Momos of Ghangri Café
Open Momos of Ghangri Café

The best thing about the open Momos served at this café is the sauces that are served along with it. They offer three different types of sauces such as mint sauce, tomato sauce, and peanut-sesame sauce.

In addition, there are several other restaurants in Kathmandu that serve different types of Momos mentioned above. Some of the places are also known for the ambiance along with the food they served. We can conclude that Momo is a loved delicacy in the Kathmandu valley so make sure to visit the places enlisted above if you are a Momo lover as well.

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