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Complete Information On Black Cardamom

Black cardamom is a popular spice in South Asian countries. It is commonly used in meat dishes and curry to add a smokey flavor. The flavor of black cardamom is so strong that adding a few pods to food can enhance the taste.

What Is Black Cardamom?

Black cardamom gives an assertive and strong taste to the food. It comes in dark brown and black color. The color of the cardamom defines its smokey flavor. Black cardamoms are dried over a fire which gives a powerful smokey aroma and taste.

Talking about its size, black cardamoms are five times bigger than green cardamoms. Actually, there are many types of cardamom, ranging in the pod size. The pod size of black cardamoms varies from 2 cm to 5 cm with the difference in taste. The taste of the black cardamoms depends on the size.

How To Select Black Cardamom?

There are varieties of black cardamom. Whichever varies of black cardamom you buy, the selection process is the same. When you buy black cardamoms, choose which are plump to ensure it is filled with seeds.

And when buying them, don’t buy cardamom seeds. Instead, buy the cardamom with pod as it retains aroma longer than cardamom with pod remove. So whether you are buying black cardamoms or green cardamoms, get the one with the pod.

Black cardamom

What Is Black Cardamom Powder?

Black cardamom powder is used instead of black cardamom seeds in the food. You can choose to buy black cardamom powder from the store or make it at home. To make black cardamom powder at home, you need to grind cardamom seeds into powder and store it in an air-tight jar.

To make the powder long-lasting, close the lid of the jar tightly after every use.  And store the jar in a cool place. This will prevent the flavor and aroma of the powder.

Why Is Black Cardamom Expensive?

Black cardamom is found in the mountain region. Typically it is grown in Nepal, India, and Bhutan. Growing and harvesting black cardamoms time consuming and labor-intensive job. This is the main reason why they are expensive. Actually, they are among the most expensive spices in the world.

Black cardamoms have to be harvested by hand and dried over a fire in an open space. So, growing, harvesting and drying requires a lot of time and care. As one has to be very dedicated while growing black cardamoms, so it’s very expensive.


What Is The Difference Between Green Cardamom And Black Cardamom?

The main two differences between black cardamoms and green cardamoms are their size and flavor. Black cardamoms are much bigger than green cardamoms. Green cardamoms are subtle in taste, whereas black cardamoms have a slightly strong flavor.

When using green cardamom, you need to remove the pod and use seeds while cooking. Instead of seeds, you can also use green cardamom powder. However, when using black cardamoms, you can use it without removing the pod. And while serving the dish, you can just take out the cardamom.

Is Black Cardamom Good For Hair?

Black cardamoms have anti-oxidative properties, which are effective in strengthening hair.  You can use cardamom oil to benefit your hair. It nourishes your scalp. As a result, your hair gets strong, thick, and shiny.

You can also wash your hair with cardamom water to get the same benefit. Mix cardamom powder in the water to wash the hair. After washing your hair with cardamom powder, don’t forget to shampoo it.

Also, you can make a hair mask using cardamoms. For a hair mask, you need to grind cardamom seeds into fine powder. Mix it with lemon juice and apply it to the scalp and hair. After half an hour you can wash your hair.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Black Cardamom?

Black cardamoms are used for medical purposes since ancient times. As they are rich in various minerals, they can be used to treat many diseases. A component present in black cardamoms is great in treating cough and cold, maintaining blood sugar levels, boosting digestive health, promoting blood circulation, and curing bad breath.

Cure bad breath
Cure bad breath

Also, black cardamoms can prevent cancer. Consumption of black cardamoms can prevent the multiplication of cancer cells and improve health. However, a doctor’s permission is required before making changes in the diet.

Additionally, a component in black cardamoms can detoxify the body. It has a certain component that flushes toxins out of the body and cleanses the internal system. If you don’t have enough time to prepare and organize your move, consider hiring moving services.

What Are The Uses Of Black Cardamom?

Basically, black cardamoms are used to flavor the dish. You can either use pod or powder to flavor the dish. It adds amazing flavor to the food when roasted in little oil. Else you can also use cardamom powder if you don’t want to wash time roasting them.

You can use black cardamoms while making curries, stews, dal, and meat dishes. Also, you can use them while cooking biryani. The smoky flavor or cardamom enhances the taste of any food.

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