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Century Foods: Among the major breakfast cereals brands in Nepal

When you are trying your best to wake up and rush out of the door in the morning, you would want to eat a quick breakfast. And nothing can be quicker and healthier than breakfast cereals.

There are many brands of breakfast cereals in the market. And Century Foods is one of them.

Century Foods -Amongst the leading breakfast cereals brands in Nepal

Century Foods being one of the leading brands to supply FMCG products, offer you breakfast cereals to make your morning meal easy and energetic. When there are other brands providing breakfast cereals, Century breakfast cereals have a special place in the market. The quality, taste, and flavor that our breakfast cereals possess make them people’s first choice.

Though there are other international brands providing breakfast cereals, we have been able to stay in the market for decades. Breakfast cereals that we offer are Corn Flakes, Diet Crunchy Muesli, Museli Fruit and Nut, Chocos, Chocos Pills, and oats.

Century Chocos
Century Chocos

Chocos and Chocos Pills are perfect breakfast for children. Sending your kid to school full stomach can be a daily task. Chocos and Chocos Pills can make your daily task much easier. These two breakfast cereals are kids’ favorite. Also, feeding your kid any of these breakfast cereal keeps their stomach full till lunchtime.

Century Foods also has breakfast cereals for youngsters to the elderly. Corn Flakes, Diet Crunchy Muesli, Museli Fruits, and oats are perfect breakfast meals for any age group above kid. Though these breakfast cereals are healthy for kids too but chocos and chocos pills are preferred by most of them.

Breakfast Cereals and their benefits

Eating breakfast is essential for health. Some studies show eating breakfast benefits health. Proper breakfast can improve cognitive function, decrease the risk of heart disease, and even boost energy levels.

This is the reason why consuming a proper breakfast meal is important. So, below are the lists of breakfast cereals with their benefits.


Oats are the healthiest breakfast you can ever have. They are excellent sources of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. Daily consuming oats keeps your body healthy and also helps in maintaining weight. Moreover, including oats in your diet plan can also help to lose weight.

Instant oats
Instant oats

Health benefits of Oats:

  • Consuming oats for breakfast can help people to maintain blood pressure.
  • Many may not know that Oats are good for your skin. If you look closly at some of the skincare products package, you will notice that it uses oats to make skincare creams. Eating oatmeal is excellent for dry, itchy, and irritated skin.
  • Colon cancer is horrible and dangerous. A study shows that consuming whole grains and oats can minimize the risk of colorectal cancer.
  • Maintaining your immune system is important to keep the body healthy. Oatmeal is a great source of fiber, which is why it has the ability to eliminate bacteria quickly and maintain the health of the immune system. 
  • Though oats are a breakfast meal, you can consume before bed too. Oats meals have various kinds of nutrients that keep your body relax and helps you sleep.

Corn Flakes

Corn flakes are the most popular breakfast cereal, which is made by toasting flakes of corn. They are packed flakes of corn and are consumed with warm milk. You can give an interesting touch to a bowl of corn flakes by adding some sliced fruits like blueberries, blackberries, or strawberries. And you can also add small pieces of nuts to the bowl of corn flakes. To give a sweet flavor to your corn flakes, you can also add sugar to warm milk before pouring it to the bowl of corn flakes.

Century Cornflakes
Century Cornflakes

Health benefits of Cornflakes

  • They are low-fat food, which is why it keeps your stomach full and decreases the intake of food. These are ideal breakfast cereals as it help to maiantain our body.
  • It’s a known fact that Protein is an important nutrient for the body. Eating cornflakes with milk add protein to the bowl of Cornflakes And you can also add honey and almonds to give additional nutrients to your bowl of corn flakes.
  • Corn flakes are loaded with nutrients like vitamins, folate, minerals, dietary fibers, protein, and carbohydrates. Eating corn flakes means giving your body all these nutrients. So, a bowl of corn flakes a day helps you keep your body healthy.
  • Consuming corn flacks for your breakfast can help you reach your weight goal. Corn flakes may not help you instantly, but over a period of time you can experience some changes.


Muesli is a fiber and protein-rich breakfast option. They are cold oatmeal, which can be consumed with milk, almond milk, plant milk, or yogurt. Muesli can be an ideal breakfast for people who want to eat delicious meal and maintain weight. Muesli has less sugar and calories that help in maintaining health. Choosing muesli as your breakfast option, you are saving yourself from eating fattening or full of sugar foods.

If you are very conscious about your diet and searching for a breakfast option that you can include in your diet plan, then Century Foods has a breakfast meal for you.  Diet Crunchy Muesli is a perfect breakfast option for you. Diet Crunchy Muesli has no added sugar, which is why this is an ideal breakfast option for a weight-conscious person.

Century Muesli fruit and nut
Century Muesli fruit and nut

Health benefits:

  • Muesli contains protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which make it the best breakfast option. You can enhance the nutrients by adding milk to the bowl of muesli. As muesli contains high protein, it is suitable for anyone trying to eat healthily.
  • Muesli is a good source of carbohydrate, which keeps you full for a longer time. Eating a bowl of muesli helps you save energy making it an ideal breakfast option.
  • As muesli has oat which is why it’s a good source of fiber. Food products that contain fiber can lower cholesterol levels and improve digestion.
  • Muesli is that it is loaded with protein, which improves bone health. And muesli is also rich in iron, and iron-rich food ensures the proper flow of oxygen to the brain.
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