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How Century Foods is making an impact in Nepal?

Century Foods is the leading food manufacturing company in Nepal. We produce more than 100 varieties of foods and spices, and our products are available in 15 different countries.

The products that we provide are nutritious and are very effective in maintaining a healthy life. We make sure our products add energy to consumers’ day-to-day life.

Our goal is not only to earn profit but we also aim to satisfy our consumers with every food that Century offers. We do believe in satisfying consumers with our products and we also ensure that we give value to our customers with our services.

Century Foods
Century Foods

Living in the market for 40 years, we have proved to be one of the best companies that value customers with products and services.

Our foods can be enjoyed any time you like as we have varieties of products to cheer you up. Foods you consume from Century will never disappoint you because our foods have always met the standard of consumers.

The Century Foods that you’ll buy again

KurMure time pass

Century KurMure time pass is one of the most popular snacks in Nepal. In Century Foods, the quality of food is our priority. And this is the reason that we use high-quality corn and fry them in healthy oil. We make sure that our snacks satisfy the craving and provide you nutrition.

KurMure Chicken

This is another Century snack that is very popular in Nepal and in neighboring countries. KurMure chicken is similar to KurMure time pass but in a chicken flavor that is made of best quality ingredients.

Cheese balls

Century cheese balls are loved by every generation. It is a puff corn snacks coated with cheese power that can bring water in your mouth.

Century Cheese balls
Century Cheese balls

Corn Flakes

Corn Flakes are a quick and healthy breakfast diet when you’re in the morning rush. Century has manufactured the breakfast bowls that are full of nutrition to balance your health and your work life. And Century Chocos is a popular breakfast cereal among children and healthy breakfast for your kid.

Tomato Ketchup        

Century tomato ketchup is the table sauce that every kid will love. Tomato ketchup makes every snack test better. Pour the ketchup on pasta or dip fries in the ketchup, Century tomato ketchup will add taste in any food.

Fresh Masala Tea                                                   

Start your morning with Fresh Masala Tea. Who doesn’t want to get a refreshing start? Get a Century fresh masala tea from the store and make your every morning energetic.

Century Fresh masala tea
Century Fresh Masala Tea

Gold Special CTC Tea

Assam is famous for its tea garden. Quality of the tea leaves that Assam provides is always up to the mark. Century is providing a world-famous tea that has health benefits such as reducing heart-related illness and cancer risk due to the presence of antioxidants.

Roasted cashews

Century produces sweet, buttery flavor roasted cashews. The best cashews are imported from around the globe and are packed in a handy container to prevent the taste and crunchiness of the cashews. We always ensure to deliver the best quality products on your hand.

Roasted Almond Jalapeno

Century also imports the best almond from around the globe. Our first priority is quality and we make sure that we provide the best snacks to our consumers. Open the handy container and eat fresh almond anytime you like.

Kuch – Kuch

Kuch – Kuch is anytime snacks that you can have whenever you’re craving to eat something tasty. It is an all-in-one snack and you can enjoy every flavor in one package.

 Kuch kuch
Century Kuch-Kuch

Coconut Cookies

If you’re a coconut lover, you’ll surely enjoy eating coconut cookies. Our delicious coconut cookies are not just liked by coconut lovers but who doesn’t like coconut will also start loving it.

Chocolate Cookies

If you want to have chocolate flavor cookies than no other cookies are better than Century chocolate cookies. Once you eat Century chocolate cookies you will definitely buy it next time.

 Mix Fruit Jam

As Century promise to provide high-quality products, mix fruit jam from century is prepared from fresh fruit pulp added with taste enhancers. Spread mix fruit jam on the bread to give nutrition to your body.

Mango Pickle

Mango pickle of Century is just like the pickle you make at home. Century has ranges of pickles and mango pickle is liked by most of the consumers. Our pickles have a flavor that refreshes your mind.

Mango pickle
Century mango pickle

Penny Chinese Chilly

When we talk about popular Century products, Penny Chinese Chilly is something that we shouldn’t miss. If you like eating spicy food, you should definitely open the package of Century Penny Chinese Chilly.

Century Foods provides every product that your kitchen needs

What food product do you need for your kitchen? Century has every kitchen product from species to pickles to cookies.

Do you like cereals, tea, or cookies for your breakfast? Century Foods can serve you with any food you like. Moreover, Century is not just providing ranges of foods but it is also providing varieties of nutrition to your body. Health does matter to maintain your body order and Century Foods is aware of this fact which is why every product that Century makes has nutrition in it.

Start your day with cereals that have full protein and vitamins or tea of your choice. Century brings you varieties of breakfast options that suit people with different tastes. Enjoy the perfect cup of tea with cookies of your flavor or eat a bowl full of cereals you like. Century has every breakfast option that you’ll like.

All-day at work can be hectic. Century brings you a range of crunchy snacks made from puffed corn, wheat, rice, potato. To keep your brain active our snacks are a perfect blend of spicy and savory taste.

And if you’re diet conscious, Century Foods also has ranges of diet snacks that are high quality, tasty and healthy. We have many product lines and we ensure that every product line meets customers’ requirements.

And we serve pickles to add special flavor on your dinner plate. From breakfast to dinner, Century Foods serves you every time.

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