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Why is Century Snacks the Best Choice for Your Next Party?

Are you planning a party at your home but are worried about which snacks to serve? Then Century offers a wide range of snacks that you can munch straight out of the packet.

In fact, century snacks are the best choice if you want to impress your guests with finger-licking good food in a fun way.
Century Foods is the leading brand in Nepal that produces all kinds of spices, condiments, and snacks essential in everyday cooking. This integrated company was founded in 1980 and has been serving Nepal’s food market since then.

Besides, the company has been selling its products to fifteen different countries around the world with more than a hundred varieties of food products in forty years of its business journey.

Century Snacks are unique and delicately made from pure and healthy ingredients that provide nutrition along with tastes. The company itself is certified with Halal certifications and Hygienic World UHF Council.

Besides, you can enjoy your crunchy snacks guilt-free as they have also launched a range of diet snacks that you can have without cheating on your diet. Also, there is no compromise in the taste, even in the diet snacks.

List of Century Snacks:

1. Crunchy Snacks

The brand has manufactured a range of crunchier snacks to suit every palate. A variety of chips, cheese balls, fun rings, and sticks are available in the range of scrunchy snacks.

Century Cheese Rings
Century Cheese Rings

Some of the crunchiest snacks are listed below:

Kurmure Time Pass                            Kurkure Masala Munch

Kurmure Chicken                               Kurkure Tangy Tomato

Churmure Time Pass                          Kurkure Green Chatni

Churmure Chicken                              Cheese Rings

Cheese Balls                                        Fun Rings

Tropicana Corn Chips BBQ               Fun Rings Tasty Tomato

Potato Cracker                                    King Chips Cream & Onion

Potato Stix                                          King Chips Tangy Tomato

Gapa Gup                                            Moon Chips

Noddy Noodles                                  Penny Cheese Chilly

Salted Peanuts              

2. Namkeen and diet Snacks    

The saltier snacks are commonly called as namkeens. These are made of different kinds of pulses and are tastier along with being healthy. Century foods also serve a variety range of namkeen and diet snacks.

Some of the namkeens are:

Hara Matar

Moong Dal

Bikaneri Bhujiya



3. Dried Fruits and Nuts

Century snacks are basically meant for every occasion. Hence, the dried fruits and nuts are specially made to complement your drinks at every party.

The fruits and nuts manufactured by the company are:

Roasted Cashew Salted                      Roasted Pistachio Salted

Roasted Almond Jalapeno                  Red Chili Peanuts

Peanuts Salted                                    Fox Nut Pudina

Cashew Red Chili                               Salted Cashew

4. Sweet Snacks

Similarly, Century also manufactures sweet snacks and cereals that you can munch on with tea or make yummy desserts with it for your parties.

Century Premium Chocolate Cookies
Century Premium Chocolate Cookies

Some of the sweet snacks offered by the company are:

Coconut Cookies

Chocolate Cookies

Cashew Cookies

Factors that make Century Snacks the Best Choice for Parties

1. Variety of Snacks:

The century food company offers a wide variety of snacks that can suit every kind of person, every age, and taste group of people. Hence, it is best for birthday parties for kids, cocktail parties, or lame house parties.

The snacks vary from salty and tangy to sweet.

2. Versatile Flavors:

Every snack of the century snacks is available in different kinds of flavors. Even an essential potato chip has been elevated to the next level with seasonings that accentuate the taste. The snacks are available in cheesy taste, tangy taste, sour, chili taste, or sweet taste as well.

3. Fun Shapes of the Snacks:

Besides the taste and nutrition, the shape of the snacks also matters a lot at the parties. The century snacks are available in various fun shapes to bring that fun element to the food served at your parties. Some of the snacks are round-shaped as balls, some are flat as in chips, some are shaped like a moon, and some look like sticks.

Fun shaped snacks
Fun shaped Snacks

These funny-shaped snacks are even more loved at the parties of your kids. Next time you host a birthday party for your kid at home, make sure you shop for many of the Century fun-shaped snacks.

4. Easily Available:

Century snacks are marketed all around the country and are also available in fifteen different countries in the world. Hence, it wouldn’t be a hustle to find your favorite snacks whenever you want them.

These snacks are readily available in every grocery store next door, so you don’t really need to hustle a lot for party preparations.

5. Healthy Snacks:

One of the major concerns of people with readily available snacks is their unhealthiness. However, Century offers a range of healthier snack options. Although most of the snacks are made with more nourishing ingredients that are locally available, there are even more specific ones made with the concept of feeding the ones who are on a diet.

So next time you find a friend who is on a diet, offer them diet snacks from Century.

6. Cheaper Prices:

Cost effectivity is a significant deal for organizing home parties. Most of the restaurant snacks or takeaways can be way too pricey for small home parties. But there is no need to worry as the wide variety of century snacks can definitely make up for it.

Along with being tastier, century snacks are very cost-effective, so no matter how much your budget is, nothing stops you from having a great party.

Century snacks have been a part of the food culture of Nepali people for an extended period of time. May it be a snack to the go for traveling or a perfect companion for the movies, the taste has always satiated our hunger. Hence, the century snacks are the best choice for your parties as well. So whenever you think of a party never that each of your guests will remember, then never forget to grab a bunch of century snacks from your nearby store.

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