Chaat Masala Recipe

How to Make a Delicious Chaat Masala Recipe?

If you’re a passionate cook or food lover, you’ve probably come across recipes that include Chaat Masala powder.

What is Chaat Masala?

A street food ingredient with a thrilling blend of sour, peppery, aromatic, and spicy flavors, Chaat Masala is a must-have spice blend in any kitchen. It is a spice blend that adds flavor to a variety of cuisines.

This distinct combination of sweet and tangy spices may be sprinkled over fruits, used to flavor beverages, and utilized as a seasoning with meat, soups, and curries.

Where to Buy Chaat Masala Powder?

Chaat Masala is a popular and widely used South Asian spice. Therefore it can be easily available at a typical grocery shop.

Be sure it’s from a reputable source wherever you decide to get it. Most Chaat Masalas have a powdered texture and are light beige to deeper hues of beige in color.

Check to make sure the powder is smooth and not lumpy. Check the production date because outdated packed mixes have less scent.

Can I make Chaat Masala Powder at Home?

Yes, you can prepare Chaat Masala Powder at home with a few ingredients. Also, my favorite spice blends are always homemade. They simplify recipes while still adding excitement and depth to everything.

This easy Chaat Masala Recipe takes only 10 minutes, and even amateurs can prepare this simple masala.

Chaat Masala Recipe to try at home

Ingredients for roasting

Cumin Seeds (jeera)

Black Peppercorns (marich / kalimirch)

Coriander Seeds (dhania seeds)

Sea Salt

Asafetida (hing)

Ginger Powder

Dried Mango Powder

Mint Leaves

Anardana / Pomegranate seeds

Other Ingredients

Black Salt (bire noon / kala namak)

Red Chili Powder

Complete Instruction for Preparing Chaat Masala Powder

  1. First, take a roasting pan or a griddle and heat it in low to medium flame. Take the cumin seeds and roast the cumin seeds in medium flame. After roasting, transfer the cumin seeds to another big bowl.
  2. In the same hot pan, roast black peppercorns in medium flame. Transfer the black peppercorns to the big bowl.
  3. To the same pan, add coriander seeds, and toast them in medium flame. Transfer it to the big bowl.
  4. After that, add the salt, asafetida, ginger powder, anardana, and mango powder to the pan. Heat them in a very low flame. Also, transfer them to the big bowl.
  5. Also, add the red chili powder to the bowl and mix the spices.
  6. Take some fresh mint leaves and heat them in the pan on low flame. Make sure to keep turning the mint leaves constantly to avoid burning. Once the mint leaves become dry and crunchy, transfer them to the big bowl.
  7. Allow the spices in the big bowl to cool down.
  8. Take a solid piece of black salt and crush it to powder using a mortar and pestle. Keep the crushed black salt separately.
  9. Transfer the cooled spices to the grinder in small batches. Grind the spices until they become a fine powder.
  10. Transfer the finely ground Chaat Masala Powder in a clean and dry jar for storage.

Quick Tips for Chaat Masala Recipe

  1. Make sure to constantly keep stirring the pan while roasting to prevent burning the spices.
  2. Ensure all the spices are dehydrated, as removing moisture will increase the shelf life of the Chaat Masala Powder.
  3. Don’t grind the black salt in the grinder as they are tough and can damage the grinder’s blade.
  4. Make sure to blend the spices in the grinder in small batches to allow the mixture to get ground nice and fine.
  5. Store the Chaat Masala Powder in a clean, dry, and tightly sealed jar to keep it fresh. Use a clean, dry spoon.

Tips for Using Chaat Masala Powder

  • You can sprinkle Chaat Masala powder on samosas, alu tikki, chutneys, and papri chaat.
  • Lentils, legumes, and vegetarian curries can all gain flavor from Chaat masala powder.
  • You can also sprinkle Chaat Masala powder on fruit salad, cheese, and eggs to provide a strong flavor.
  • Sprinkle some of it on avocado, sandwich, buttermilk, and tomatoes.

What Makes Chaat Masala Different from other Masalas?

A notable distinction between other spices and Chaat Masala is that, although most spices require cooking to unleash their flavor, this is not the case with Chaat masala.

Because it is a seasoning, it can be added to the meal right before serving or towards the completion stage of the cooking process.

Health Benefits of Chaat Masala Powder

Helps to Relieve Digestive Issues

The potent antioxidants present in ginger powder and coriander powder helps in the treatment of digestive issues such as acidity, gas, and constipation.

Detoxifying Capabilities

The potent combination of the spices that are used in preparing the Chaat Masala has an abundance of iron, and vitamins A, C, D, and B6. All are helpful in removing toxins from the body, healing anemia, and curing nervous system diseases.

Helps to Balance High Blood Pressure

The coriander seeds in chaat masala powder are believed to decrease high blood pressure and prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Increases Metabolism

Chaat Masala Powder is low in carbohydrates, and the antioxidants in mango powder help promote metabolism. The combination of these two qualities aids in weight reduction.

What are the alternatives for Chaat Masala Powder?

Chaat masala has a special flavor that is difficult to imitate due to the fact that it is a combination of various spices.

While there are no ideal alternatives, the best choice is to utilize as many of the spices included in chaat masala as possible in precise proportions.

If you don’t have dried mango powder, try a splash of lemon or lime juice instead.

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