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CTC Tea: Suppliers and its Health Benefits

CTC tea, a world-famous tea has many suppliers. Among many suppliers, Century Foods is also a supplier of CTC tea.

Century Foods is one of the suppliers of CTC tea in Nepal. As CTC tea has many health benefits, Century Foods being one of the suppliers, has earned a good market share. Besides providing healthy products, Century Foods is also providing high-quality food products.

Health consiousness is increasing among peopel, this is the reason why they are in search of healthy foods and drinks. If you are a tea lover then Century Foods can definitely help you benefit your health just by drinking tea. Being one of the oldest suppliers of CTC tea, Century provides you with freshly packed CTC tea. To get fresh and high-quality CTC tea you can buy Century CTC tea. You can get it near your store or buy it online.

 What is CTC tea?

CTC tea is also known as Crush, tear, and Curl tea. In the process of making CTC tea, black tea leaves are run through a series of cylindrical rollers. The job of the roller is to crush, tear, and curl the tea leaves with hundreds of teeth. The roller then produces small, hard pellets tea.

CTC tea
CTC tea

CTC tea tastes best when you prepare with milk and sugar. The freshness of CTC tea awakes your mind in the morning. When you need a tea break while studying or while doing some work you can drink CTC tea as it is perfect to activate your mind to help give continue your work.

This rejoicing tea is imported from Assam, India. Assam tea is the world’s popular tea from centuries. This tea from the Assam tea garden is a perfect combination of freshness, aroma, and taste. Also, this tea has numerous health benefits. Consuming at least a cup of CTC tea a day can definitely benefit you in terms of health.

Tea from Assam garden is one of the finest and aromatic blends in the world and popular for its malty and fruity flavor. As this tea from Assam has a pleasant aroma which is enough to wake your mind and its flavor keep you active while performing tasks.

If you love tea, you might have definitely tried Century CTC tea. But if you don’t prefer tea then you should try Century CTC tea at least once because once you try it you will surely love it.

Health benefits of CTC Tea

Drinking CTC tea a day has immense health benefits. Assam tea has various types of nutrients and vitamins that help in preventing many kinds of diseases. This is also the reason why CTC tea is famous around the world.

1. Prevent heart diseases

It’s always better to prevent disease than to take medicine to control or minimize the risk of disease. When you suffer from certain diseases you will surely get medicine for most of the diseases. But why not take precaution to minimize the risk.

People are suffering from a heart attack or some kind of heart disease. Heart disease can be minimized to a certain level if you drink two cups of CTC tea a day. Research has shown that consuming CTC tea twice a day can reduce the chances of heart attack to at least 50%. This habit can help you to prevent disease like high blood pressure, blood clotting, and help you relax blood vessels.

2. Boost digestion

Maintaining the digestive system is necessary for a healthy body. A healthy digestive system prevents a digestive problem like bloating, cramping, gas, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and constipation for various reasons. Nowadays digestive problems are commonly found in people such as bloating and gas. This can happen because of an unhealthy digestive system.

ctc tea suppliers
Black tea

In order to prevent disease related to the digestive system and to maintain the health of the digestive system, you can drink CTC tea. A cup of CTC tea is the perfect aid in the digestive system. If you have cramps then drinking CTC tea can help you relieve pain.

5. Help to prevent cancer

Preventing the body from various diseases is very essential to maintain a healthy life. However, it is more crucial to prevent yourself from cancer. Many people may not know Assam CTC tea has nutrients that can prevent cancer in the body.

CTC tea has an antioxidant property that helps to kill cancer-causing cells without damaging the surrounding cells. Drinking CTC tea keeps you hydrated, moisturized, and prevents cancer. So take time to drink CTC tea at least once a day. If you regularly of drinking tea in the morning then you can switch your regular tea with CTC to benefit your health.

4. Maintain weight

Weight gain is the problem of most of the people in the world. There are many ways you can maintain your weight and there are technics to lose weight. To follow these methods you will need to schedule a time in a day and has to be done on regular basis. If you have a busy day, the following several methods may not be possible.

help to lose weight
help to lose weight

There is a simple way which can help you maintain weight and reduce body fat. All you need to do is drink CTC tea once or twice a day. Taking black CTC tea can be more beneficial in reducing body fat. CTC tea from Assam can help block the fat absorption in the cells and helps in losing weight

5. Reduce anxiety

Anxiety in the body is the fear or apprehension about what’s to come. Some kind of anxiety is common in people. You may feel fearful or nervous when you are doing something for the first time or when you are addressing mass.

The aroma of CTC tea is very relaxing to keep your body stress-free. A light brew of CTC tea helps you relax and tone down the stress levels.

6. Keeps teeth healthy

Plaque and cavity is a very common dental problem. You may brush your teeth every day however you can have a dental related problem. Dental problems do not just occur because of consuming unhealthy food but it can happen when you avoid brushing regularly. In some cases, regular brushing may not prevent the tea from plaque.

Healthy teeth
Healthy teeth

So in that case, you may prefer drinking CTC tea as it can help in preventing plaque in teeth. Regularly consuming CTC tea helps in keeping dental problems away.


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