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Easy Fish Dish Using Fish Fry Masala Powder

No doubt fish is one of the most demanding seafood. Though it is demanding seafood, most people don’t prefer to make it at home rather enjoy ordering fish at a restaurant. Making fish dish at home is very time-consuming, and most people don’t even know how to flavorsome fish. And is the reason why most people go for chicken or mushroom dish instead.

If you are also replacing fish with other dishes because of similar reasons, then you don’t have to do it anymore. This post will just provide you the right instructions to help you make delicious fish fry.

The key ingredient to make fish fry is fish fry masala powder. So to make fish fry masala powder, you should have knowledge of spices to be used. You should know the accurate quantity of spices you need to use to make the fish masala powder.

Before we learn how to make masala powder and fry fish, here are tips for you.


  • Before making meat, marinating is very important to add flavor and make the meat soft. So, fish also has to be marinated before you start cooking.
  • After marinating, you need to allow fish to rest for at least an hour to absorb flavor. If possible, you can allow fish to marinate for more than an hour.
  • Most people skip using lemon juice in fish. Don’t skip lemon juice as it can enhance the flavor of fish.
  • Work in the low flame. Keeping flame low brings crispness to the fish.
  • And at last, don’t jump over any step. Follow every step to make the perfect fish fry using fish fry masala powder.

Recipe: Fish Fry Masala Powder


  • Turmeric powder- 1/2 teaspoon
  • Roasted cumin seeds – 1 teaspoon
  • Roasted coriander seeds- 1 teaspoon
  • Red chili powder– 1 teaspoon
  • Ginger-garlic paste- 1 teaspoon
  • Salt as per your taste
Fish fry masala powder
Fish fry masala powder


  • Take a blender, then add all the spices and blend them until you get a fine powder.
  • If you don’t have coriander seeds and cumin seeds, you can use these spices in powder form as well. However, using fresh seeds is great at bringing flavor to the dish.
  • Also, if possible, use fresh ginger-garlic paste. More fresh ingredients you use, you will get more flavors.
  • Basically, you will have to convert powder into a paste. So transfer the fish fry masala powder to the bowl.
  • Then add two to three teaspoons of water and mix it well. Make sure you don’t make paste watery. Make the paste thick so that you can coat the fish pieces evenly with the paste.

Fish Fry Recipe Using Masala Powder


  • 6 pieces of fish
  • Lemon
  • Oil


Step 1:

The first step is to clean the pieces of fishes to remove the smell and dirt. Wash the fishes under the running water. You can use a colander to clean fish.

Step 2:

After cleaning using water apply a small amount of salt and turmeric to the fish and allow it to rest for another few minutes. Then wash it again. After this step smell of the fish will vanish. However, still if there is a smell, you can apply lemon juice to the surface of the fish.

Step 3:

After thoroughly cleaning the fish, you need to prepare fish to marinate. Get ready with the paste you have made from fish fry masala powder.

Step 4:

Take the fish fry masala paste in your hand and apply it to one piece of fish at once. Ensure that you coat both sides of the fish with the paste evenly.

Step 5:

Coat each piece of fish with the masala paste and allow it to rest for an hour.

Masala coated fish
Masala coated fish

Step 6:

After the fish pieces have been marinated, it’s time to fry the fish. Take a pan, then add about four tablespoons of oil, then allow it to heat in medium flame.

Step 7:

Then place fish pieces on the pan then allow it to cook on a low-medium flame. Don’t make the pan crowded with too many fishes. You can fry two fishes at once. Fry it for five minutes.

Step 8:

Flip the fish pieces and allow the other side to cook for another 5 minutes. If the oil is getting too hot, you can lower the flame.

Step 9:

Again flip the fish pieces, then allow it to cook for another 5 minutes. Each side of the fish should be fry for 10 minutes.

Step 10:

After 5 minutes, flip again and fry it for another 5 minutes. Fish should be shallow fried in hot oil. So you need to keep adjusting the flame to maintain the temperate of the oil.

Step 11:

After 20 minutes of frying, transfer the fish to the plate. It’s not compulsory that the fry time has to be 20 minutes. It can exceed 20 minutes. Just ensure that you have fried it well.

Step 12:

Repeat the same process with the rest of the fish pieces.

After all the fish pieces are fried, you can serve it by sprinkling the lemon juice. Also, add onion rings by the side of the fish pieces.

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