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Century Foods: One of the leading FMCG distributors in Kathmandu

FMCG products are relatively cheaper and available easily, which why people consider buying these products. When FMCG products are satisfying most of the people, many distributors in Kathmandu are engaged in supplying these products in the market. Kathmandu is one of the busiest cities in Nepal and has a high demand for FMCG products, which is why there are many distributors satisfying people’s needs.

As one of the leading FMCG distributors in Kathmandu, Century Foods supply all of the products that your kitchen needs. Whether you want to eat something for breakfast, lunch, snacks, or dinner, Century Foods can be part of your every meal.

There are many FMCG distributors providing varieties of products and Century Foods being one of them supplies food products in Kathmandu and other parts of Nepal. Food products of Century are not just available in Nepal but we also export our food products to other countries.

We have diversified product lines and each product lines have many products with different flavors.  We have every kind of spice to add flavor in your dishes, CTC tea to refresh your mind, breakfast cereals for the energetic morning, pickles that tingle your taste buds, nuts to take a work break, and varieties of snacks to satisfy your craving.

Here are some of the Food Products that Century Foods offers.

Moong Dal

Are you tired of doing work? And you need a break? Century brings you perfect snacks for your break. We have varieties of namkeen that are perfect for your break. Every kind of namkeen that we provide has its own unique flavor to match the taste of people. Moong dal is one of the products namkeen that is liked by many people.

FMCG distributors in Kathmandu
Century Moong dal

Century moon dal is a perfect go-to snack whenever you need a break. When you are very busy doing your work, you would want to take a break and relax your mind. You can relax and concentrate when your stomach is full. Eating Moon dal in your break keeps your stomach full and energizes you to get back to your work.

KurMure Time pass

This crunchy snack is kids’ favorite snacks. KurMure Time pass from Century Foods is among the most popular snacks.  Kids do love Century Snacks but KurMure Time pass is also a favorite snack of every age-group. When producing KurMure Time pass Century Foods uses high-quality ingredients to give it a wow taste. And this wow taste of KurMure Time Pass is what makes kids to enjoy the KurMure Time pass.

Roasted Cashew Salted

Though Century Foods has varieties of product lines, product quality is something that is not to be doubted. When preparing roasted cashew salted, Century uses top-quality cashew nuts to maintain the taste. Also, the spices that are used to prepare roasted cashew nut are high-quality and are roasted perfectly so that each bit of cashew taste similar.

Century Cashew
Century Cashew

A jar of roasted cashew salted look perfect by your side when you are doing an assignment or busy on your laptop. If you love to snack while reading then roasted cashew is what you need on your table. Other than this we have roasted pistachio salted and roasted almond jalapeno, you can choose any jar of dry fruits according to your taste.

Mango pickle

Nepalese meal is not perfect unless there is a pickle on the plate. Whether you buy pickles from the store or make homemade pickles your plate needs to have a pickle. The Mango pickle that we offer has an authentic taste and is ideal to spice your dinner. This mango pickle suits every person with different tastes and can even be consumed by kids as it is not very spicy.

We provide various kind of pickles which includes chilly pickle, lemon pickle, Dalle pickle, green chilly sauce, and mango pickle to spice your meal. Decorate your kitchen table with varieties of Century pickles and scoop your favorite pickle on your plate. These pickles from Century Foods are prepared using high-quality ingredients and taste just like the one you made at home.

Potato Crackers

As We are providing High-quality Food Products, Potato Crackers are also manufacture using top quality ingredients. It’s very obvious that these Crackers are kids favorite but they are loved by other generations too. Your kid can enjoy Potato Crackers while doing homeworks. Though popcorns are common snacks while watching the movie, when you are at home opening the package of Potato Crackers is much easier than making popcorns.

Century snacks
Century snacks

King Chips Tango Tomato

Century Foods use high-quality potatoes to make these chips and spices to give a tangy flavor. Perfect snack for your kids when they are annoyed or carving to eat something. You can serve this to your kids when they are doing homework or when their friends visit the house. Once you buy King Chips Tango Tomato from Century Foods, you will definitely buy it again because it tastes amazing.


Starting your morning with CTC tea will definitely refresh your mind. CTC tea is not just perfect for the morning, you can drink it any time and always. Whether you need tea break from your study or from your work, CTC tea can rejoice you to get back to your work.

FMCG distributors in Kathmandu
Century CTC tea

This rejoicing tea comes from the Assam tea garden and is a perfect blend of freshness and taste. Assam tea is not just aromatic and delicious, it also has health benefits.  Drinking this tea can help in maintaining the digestive system, reduce body fat, minimize the risk of heart diseases, and can even prevent cancer.

Moon Chips

The shapes of the Moon Chips are a bit different from the chips that Century Foods manufacture. These chips are round and flat, and they are not wavy shape like other chips from Century Foods. Besides shape, they also differ in taste. Moon Chips are crunchy, spicy, and bit heard that other chips that Century Foods produce.

These are few food products that we provide. Our products are available in your near store, and you can also buy them online.

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