FMCG in Nepal

FMCG in Nepal: Distributions And Sales Channels In Nepal

FMCG In Nepal

FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) refers to high-demand products that often sell quickly at a relatively low cost. In addition, FMCG is also known as consumer packaged goods because consumers use them regularly. Today we are going to talk about FMCG in Nepal.

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Furthermore, these goods have a short shelf life, and consumers use these products in small quantities. All these goods can be any sort of product, from perishable, non-perishable, durable, and non-durable goods. Yes, every FMCG is a set of products distributed by the distributors in the defined geographical area.

Nepal is a developing country and has a growing FMCG market industry. This market amounts to more than a million dollars as the industry gradually increases from 3% to 4%.

FMCG Market: Views And Risk

The lives of Nepalese are gradually changing in both urban and rural areas. The slow urbanization changes in Nepal are gradual, increasing its income. Hence, it also changes the life demand patterns.

Yes, the urban area consumes the FMCG market more than the rural area, yet there is much scope for the rural areas. Altogether, the FMCG industry in Nepal is growing at 20%.

Challenges In The FMCG Market

Though the FMCG industry is quite sustainable, the products in this market lose their demand faster than any other products. Also, these products can be easily substituted, which decreases their need significantly.

Some of the major risks and challenges this FMCG industry faces are mentioned below.

  • Consumers seek transformation every single time.
  • Uncertain desires and unknown needs of the customers.
  • The dynamic change in the supply chain.
  • The speed of change in success and innovation.
  • Intensive competitiveness
  • Managing the price spikes of the products.

Opportunities Of The FMCG Market

The FMCG market industry contains all products. It also includes goods from both local companies and multinational companies. Among all the FMCG markets, food, beverages, and healthcare are the major segments of this industry.

Some of the top opportunities in the FMCG market are as listed below.

  • Easier access to the goods.
  • Increasing demand due to lifestyle change.
  • Increase in purchasing power of the consumers.
  • Chances of market growth due to changes in technology.

FMCG Market Potentials And Trends

Currently, the FMCG market offers a wide choice for consumers in Nepal. In addition to that, this industry earns quite a lot in Nepal.

Additionally, globalization is one of the major components that take a major part in this industry. Well, the influence of Western culture in Nepal has also raised consumer product demand and buying behavior.

FMCG in Nepal
FMCG in Nepal (Source=Facebook)

Often this FMCG market has grown with the right set of distribution. It penetrates the market and the economy as the consumers increase their purchasing power.

In the meantime, awareness plays a huge role as people start demanding different types of products. As people change their lifestyle choices, they also look forward to new developments in the market.

Some of the rising markets in Nepal with the influence of the outer world are tourism, entertainment, hospitality, and local products.

Century Foods In The FMCG Market in Nepal

Indeed, Century Foods is one of the leading FMCG companies in Nepal, as it provides you with all the basic needs for your kitchen. Century Foods is the everyday part of your meal, from sunrise to sunset.

Not only Nepal, but this Company also exports its products to other nations. Yes, it has a diverse product line and covers all the species known to have in your meal. The other products this Company hugely offers are the moon dal, roasted cashew salted, KurMure Time pass, potato crackers, mango pickles, CTC tea, and many more on the House.

Other FMCG Companies In Nepal

Dabur Nepal

Dabur Nepal initially originates from India and is known as the largest producer of ayurvedic and natural health products. This Company has multiple branches in different sectors and is said to have an annual transaction worth Rs 10 billion.

As a fun fact, they are also the top juice Company with almost 50 percent market share. Its famous products include Dabur Red Toothpaste, Amla hair oil, Dabur Honey, Real Juice, Dabur Chayawanprash, and many more.

Unilever Nepal

One of the leading FMCG industries, Unilever in Nepal, is a sub-branch Company. They usually specialize in the sector of personal care to cleaning products.

Not to mention, they are quite high in demand with their products in personal care and cleaning agents. Some of the quality products with this Company are LUX, Fair & Lovely, Wheel, Surf Excel, Vim, Pepsodent, Close Up, Sunsilk, and Clinic Plus, to name a few.

Chaudhary Group

It is the top Company when it comes to the noodle industry in Nepal. Today, it has over 45 other sub-companies under the name that spreads across the sectors of CG Foods, CG Beverage, CG Brewery, and CG Packaging.

This Company is best known for its sole noodle product, Wai Wai. Wai Wai alone pulls an annual turnover of around Rs 6 billion.

Sharda Group

It is one of the leading manufacturing houses in the FMCG industry. This Company operates in multiple sectors, including noodles, snacks, biscuits, confectionaries, rice, flour, liquors, homecare items, and soaps.

Not to mention, they are also the national distributor of French distilled beverages. They share a joint venture with Asian Thai Foods (ATF) and Asian Biscuits and Confectionaries (ABC).

Which are FMCG products?

Fast Movin Consumer Goods represents milk, junk foods, shampoo, soap, and soybean are some examples of FMCG products.

What is the biggest FMCG Company in Nepal?

Century Foods represent the biggest FMCG Company in Nepal. However, there are many other FCMG companies that are also in the Nepalese market who done well at this time.

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