Dhikri the most loving local food in Kathmandu

Local Food In Kathmandu: Hunt From The Corners Of Kathmandu

If you are a foodie, what are you doing if you haven’t tried the local food hunt in Kathmandu? With several food items, several meat items, multiple vegetable choices, and hundreds of herbs and spices, Kathmandu has an amazing food diversity.

Over the years, food has been one of the connecting bridges for travelers and visitors alike. The local food hunt you will find in Kathmandu are the storytellers of our culture, tradition, and historical background. Hence, with the available varieties, the culinary journey here can sometimes be quite overwhelming.

To help you in such situations, we have discussed what you can try in Kathmandu in a guide. As a hub for delicious local dishes, most of the words take inspiration from Indian and Chinese cuisines while making a blend of their unique flavors.

Famous Local Food In Kathmandu

If you go on a local food hunt around the valley, you will find yourself across multiple types of food items and dishes. All these local items will be sure to melt your heart.

Highlight On Tharu Cuisine  local foods in Kathmandu
Highlight On Tharu Cuisine

Below we have mentioned some of the top dishes and street foods you will find inside the Kathmandu valley itself.


Yes, momos are never forgotten! It is the must-try dish that should be on everyone’s list. The love for momos is beyond comparison, and you will come across this dish on every other street turn.

This dish is a steamed bun made of flour with a hefty filling of either minced vegetables or meat. Typically, you will eat this dish alongside a serving of a tomato-based pickle.

Apart from the typical momo design, you will also come across diverse forms. Momos can be of several types regarding their cooking style and the kinds of fillings it has.

Thakali Khana Set: Typical Local Food in Kathmandu

If you are looking forward to filling your stomach to the heart’s content, the thakali khana set is the one right there. You can find it in every local restaurant and kitchen. The thakali khana set is the staple food among the Nepalese.

This set consists of Dal Bhaat Tarkaari, rice, lentils, and different curries on the side. Here as well, you will get both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options as per your desire.

Usually, you can enjoy this dish with other condiments such as ghee, butter, green chili, and lemon. Again, besides rice, you can also opt for dhido and buckwheat. Apart from the regular curries, you can also go for gundruk (fermented spinach or leafy vegetables) or its pickle.

Malpua: Popular Local Food in Kathmandu

It is one of the delicious snack items, which is a pancake. The locals make this pancake with wheat flour and deep fry it in sugar syrup.

This snack is often taken in as a dessert and is traditionally made during festivals. During Tihar and Holi, you can find this in an abundant form.

Sel Roti

It is quite famous as the Nepali doughnut. Well, sell roti is made with sweetened rice flour and deep fried until they have a crispy brown texture. Yes, it is a ring-shaped rice bread.

Often, the locals make this dish during major festivals such as Dashain, Tihar, and Lhosar. In addition, They initially make a thick sweet batter out of rice, and you can also find it in most stalls and restaurants.

Usually, this dish is prepared as a “prasad” to the Gods. Also, you can try this sel roti with a side of any regular curries.


The Nepali pizza, Chatamari, is a local must-try dish. It has a crusty layer in the bottom and rich toppings of your choice that ranges from eggs to minced chicken or buffalo meat. The toppings include freshly chopped tomato, onion, and coriander leaves.

This dish is a major component in the Newari community, and they prepare it from rice flour batter. Also, you can find this dish in any local Newari restaurant or even in small stalls around the corner.

Samaya Bhaji

Another authentic Newari dish, Samaya Bhaji, is literal heaven on a single plate. You will find a variety of items, and it is perfect for a hungry stomach.

Usually, the locals serve this full-course meal during major festivals. As a fun fact, this food represents good luck, prosperity, fortune, health, and longevity.

A typical plate of Samaya Bhaji consists of beaten rice, black soybean, spicy roasted meat, and smoked meat. Likewise, it also has boiled eggs, boiled and marinated potatoes, and a black lentil pancake.

Sekuwa: Most Loving Local Food in Kathmandu

In simple understanding, sekuwa is Nepali BBQ meat. It is one of the tastiest street food that you will come across. They roast or grill raw beef in a natural wood Fire for this dish.

Here, the meat options can vary as per your liking, from mutton, chicken, and pork, to buffalo meat. They will serve you this grilled meat marinated with several herbs and spices. Often, you can enjoy this delicacy alongside a pickle.

Pani Puri

If you are craving some burst of flavor, then panipuri is the one for you. You can find this in any street stall, giving you a fusion of spiciness and sweetness in a single gulp.

Panipuri is a small ball of crispy fried dough. Additionally, They have the inner fillings of potatoes, chickpeas, onions, and mint. The filling is added with spices, and you can adjust its spice level. Lastly, you will be served panipuri with flavorful water.


Inspired by Tibetan culture, Thukpa is a dish perfect for the winter cold. Additionally, It is a bowl of hot and long noodles served alongside various veg and non-veg variants.

It is one of the comfort food that comes with a hearty soup. The noodles are immersed in the broth and topped with several vegetables and meat items.


One of the most delicious sweets in Newari culture, Yomari is only made on special occasions. Additionally, This dish is usually made to mark the end of the harvest season.

Yomari is a fish-like pointed sweet made out of rice flour dough. They are later filled with sweet molasses mixture or coconut.

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