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Have you ever tried a moong dal halwa? If you have never heard of the funky snacks, one can make from moong dal, you have just come to the right place.

Moong dal is a prosperous source of protein, fibers, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. It is considered very rich in protein compared to other available lentils.

People often use moong dal for cooking lentils and soup, but a few know about the tastier snacks one can make. People usually serve a very flavorful lentil with flatbreads and rice. But it is equally more mouthwatering to make snacks like dal paratha, halwa, sprouts, and salted fried snacks.

Mung dal is made from mung beans after cleaning and hulling off. This healthy bean is comfort for so many people.

Keep reading the article to learn about the snacks one can make from the moong dal recipe.

Health Benefits Of Moong Dal

Moong dal is very beneficial to the body while being tastier to eat. It is rich in several essential nutrients for the body.

Nutrient Composition in 100 grams of moong dal ingredients.

Composition( per 100 gm)
24 gms
63 gms
1.2 gms
15 mg
1246 mg
Vitamin C
Vitamin B6
Dietary Fiber
16 gms

Along with being rich in a nutrient, there are several other health benefits of consuming mung dal regularly. Some of the health benefits are:

  • It is rich in potassium and iron. Hence, it is suitable for heart health.
  • The nutrients in moong da improve blood circulation.
  • Consuming mung dal regularly improves digestive health as it is rich in dietary fibers.
  • This lentil enhances the function of the hormone cholecystokinin, which is a home that facilitates weight loss. The hormone improves metabolism and makes you feel full.
  • Moong dal is also suitable for people who are suffering from problems like hypertension.
  • Folic acid in mung beans enhances the brain’s functioning and helps build DNA.
  • The vitamin B complex found in this lentil helps to digest carbohydrates.
  • These minerals also help to lower blood pressure and relieve when you get muscle cramps.

Snacks Made From Moong Dal

We can make a bundle of snacks from moong dal based on your preference. Below are recipes one can easily make from moong dal recipe at home.

1. Moong Dal Halwa

To make moong dal halwa, you must soak this lentil in warm water for ten minutes, then roast it in a pan. Let the roasted dal cool down for some time, then grind it into a fine powder.

Now, take a spoonful of ghee and roast the powder until it turns brown. Then add low-fat milk to this mixture and stir well to avoid any lumps. Let this mixture cool down and settle and add sugar as per your preference and keep going for ten more minutes.

A plate full with moong dal halwa
A plate was full of moong dal halwa.

You may top it off with dry nuts and serve it.

2. Soup

The soup made from moong dal is very nutritious. People who are sick often eat moong dal soup as a staple diet. For making soup, you first need to boil mung beans in slow heat in a pressure cooker. After the lentil is well cooked, take a frying pan and put some oil or ghee as per your preference to it.

Plate full with moong dal soup
A spoon and plate full of moong dal soup

Now, fry mustard, sliced onion, chilies, and cumin seeds in the heated oil. Now add the cooked lentil to this mixture and allow to boil. You may garnish it with green herbs and serve it.

3. Moong dal sprouts

Sprouts are considered very nutritious and fiber-rich food. Hence, people soak different beans, make sprouts, and eat them. Moong dal recipe sprouts are easy to make. You need to wash the green mung bean with clean water and soak them for a few days.

According to the researchers, Moong dal recipe includes a high amount of protein, Vitamin B6, Calcium, iron, and other nutrition. According to their research, moong dal is the healthiest dal If you cooked it properly.


After a few days, you will see roots growing from the beans. It would help if you kept changing the water regularly until you saw growing roots. Then transfer these beans to a damp muslin cloth and allow them to grow. On another day, you will see growing sprouts.

You may use these sprouts as salad directly. Or if you prefer, then you may dress it with seasonings, olive oil, ad live and serve it.

4. Mung dal flatbread

You can also use mung dal to make a flatbread that almost looks like a pancake. However, it is called Chila in the local tongue. To make this bread, you need to soak mung dal overnight in water. You will need t chop some green chilies, onions, tomatoes, and herbs.

Place these chopped green vegetables and soaked mung beans in a mixture grinder. Add salt, pepper, turmeric, and chili powder to taste. Now grind this mixture to a fine paste. Afterward, heat oil in a frying pan and spread the batter, and allow it to cook on one side. Now add a spoonful of oil, turn it over, and allow it to boil.

Now your mung bean flatbread is ready, and you can serve it with chutneys.

In addition to these, there are several other recipes for mung dal that you can try on. You can deep fry the soaked mung beans after drying. Add salt, pepper, and chili powder to it and toss it. Now you can munch on it as a light snack.

Although the dal has several health benefits, you can not overconsume it. As the dal is rich in protein, overconsumption of protein can cause gas in your stomach and also cause other digestive problems.

Is moong dal the same as lentils?

Dal means lentils for Indian people. However, Lentils represent the whole category of dishes made with dal. Moong Dal is not the beans that we use regularly but has been re-classified, so technically, they are beans.

Which is the healthiest dal?

According to the researchers, Moong dal recipe includes a high amount of protein, Vitamin B6, Calcium, iron, and other nutrition. According to their research, moong dal is the healthiest dal.

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