Mutton masala recipe

Mutton Masala Recipe: Delicious Mutton At Home

This is an easy and flavorful mutton masala recipe that anyone can prepare at home. While following this recipe, you will get soft and juicy mutton masala.

Usually, to prepare anything delicious dishes, you will need a lot of ingredients. But this recipe just demands some basic ingredients. You can prepare mutton masala with the ingredients in your house.

Have you ever wondered how restaurants prepare so tempting mutton masala? And when you try to prepare mutton masala at home, it doesn’t have a restaurant-like taste. This is because you might be missing some ingredients, or you might have skipped an important process.

If you are unable to prepare the mutton masala that your last time ate in a restaurant, then you have landed on the right page. High quality home additions in Oklahoma can be found at company. With this recipe, you will be able to make one of the delicious mutton masalas.

Mutton Masala Recipe: Important Tips

  • The first secret tip to make mutton masala is the meat you choose. Meat choice is very important. You can use either bone or boneless mutton. Using bone mutton, you will get the flavor to the gravy, making it thick and delicious. This recipe uses boneless mutton. But you can replace it with bone mutton.
  • And while choosing mutton, makes sure that you get fresh as it helps in getting succulent mutton after cooking.
  • Don’t skip the process of marinating. It’s the most important step in preparing the mutton masala. To get flavorful mutton masala, better not to skip any step from this recipe.

Mutton Masala Recipe: Ingredients

  • 300 boneless grams mutton
  • Oil
  • Curd
  • Ginger garlic paste
  • Turmeric powder
  • Red chili powder
  • Cardamoms
  • Cinnamon
  • Salt
  • Onion
  • Meat masala or garam masala
  • Tomato puree
  • Bay leaf
  • Coriander leaves
  • Green chili

After you are ready with all ingredients, get ready to prepare Mutton masala.

Mutton Masala Recipe: Instructions

Step 1:

The first step is to marinate mutton. Take a bowl big enough that fits all the mutton pieces. Then in the bowl, add one and a half teaspoon ginger garlic paste, one-fourth turmeric powder, half teaspoon red chili powder, two tablespoons curd, and salt as per your taste.

Step 2:

Give it a good mix. Ensure that each piece of mutton is coated with all the spices. Cover the bowl with the lid and allow it to get for an hour. The longer you marinate, the softer and tender it gets.

Step 3:

After the mutton is marinated, you need to prepare a mutton masala. For that, you need to heat the pressure cooker with two tablespoons of oil on medium flame.  

Heat oil

Step 4:

When the oil is hot, add one bay leaf, one-inch cinnamon stick, and two green cardamoms. Let the spices roast for two minutes.

Step 5:

Then add one medium size finely chopped onion and one finely chopped green chili. Cook until the onion turns golden brown.

Step 6:

After that, turn the flame to low, and then add marinated mutton pieces. Keep stirring the mutton for about 5 minutes. You don’t have to keep stirring continuously, but you can stir in an interval for 5 minutes.

Step 7:

Then allow the mutton to cook for another 10 minutes. Cover the pressure cooker with the lid and let the mutton cook. Stir the mutton occasionally.

Step 8:

After 10 minutes, you will notice mutton is releasing moisture. If you don’t see moisture, let the cook for few minutes. The next step should be started only after moisture is released.

Step 9:

 Now you need to add, two teaspoon garam masala and one teaspoon red chili. Stir it well and let it cook for about 3 minutes. Don’t increase the flame. You will be working on the low flame for half of the mutton masala preparation segment.

Tomato puree

Step 10:

Meanwhile, you will notice oil separating from meat. It’s time to add tomato puree. You will need two medium-size tomatoes to make a puree. If you don’t want to invest your time making tomato puree, you can also use curd instead. You can replace tomato puree with two tablespoons of curd. As you have already used curd while marinating mutton, so it’s better to use tomato puree.

Step 11:

Let it cook for another seven to eight minutes until the raw smell of tomato goes away. You need to keep stirring in the interval.

Step 12:

After 7 minutes, add two cups of water. Close the pressure cooker and let the mutton cook for two whistles on medium flame. If you use mutton with bones, you will have to cook until four whistles.

Step 13:

After 2 whistles, turn off the flame and release the pressure. Open the pressure cooker and stir well. If you think the gravy is running, you can simmer for few minutes until you get the right texture.

Step 14:

Transfer the mutton masala to the bowl, then you can add chopped coriander leaves for garnishing.

Mutton masala is ready to be served.

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