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5 Steps to make Namkeen Masala

Namkeen masala can be sprinkled in any kind of nankeen you prefer to have during the day to day activities. You can use the namkeen masala to add a flavour in your snakes.

Are you been searching for ways to give a special taste to your snacks? If you’re looking for something like that then this article describes ingredients you need to follow to make masala for namkeen to give your snacks authentic taste.

The ingredients that you need to use are:

Red chilli powder


Cumin seeds (Jeera)

Asafoetida powder (Hing)

Dry Mango powder

These are the five basic ingredients you need to make namkeen masala. And you can also experiment by using other ingredients like dhaniya powder, black salt, garam masala, sugar powder, and haldhi powder.

Know the five spices you need to make namkeen masala

1. Red chilli powder -4 tablespoons

Namkeen masala
Blended Red Chilly Powder

Red chilli powder is a commonly used spice to add flavour and give a red color to the cuisine. There are varieties of red chilli powder available in the market. Therefore, use a red chilli powder depending upon your taste and the brand you use.

If you’re using red chilli powder of Century then 4 tablespoons will be enough to make this masala.

2. Salt– 1 tablespoon

As you’re very familiar, salt is the necessary spice in any type of dish. So, to make namkeen masala, salt must be used. Though 1 tablespoon is sufficient to make the masala, you can decrease or increase the quantity of salt depending upon your taste and health.

As many people have a blood pressure issue, so you can use the quantity of salt as you prefer.

3.Cumin seeds– 4 tablespoons

Cumin seeds, also known as Jeera is made from the seeds of the Cuminum cyminum plant. You might be using cumin seeds in your dishes but you may not know the benefits it provides.

Jeera is a good source of iron, using it in a small quantity is sufficient for your body. To some extent, it can improve blood cholesterol, help with diabetes, and prevent foodborne illnesses.

So using cumin seeds in this masala will enhance the taste as well as benefit your health.

4. Asafoetida powder -1/2 tablespoon

Asafoetida powder
Asafoetida powder

Asafoetida, known as hing is used in cuisine like curries and dals. Hing has a distinct flavour and aroma that can turn the boring dish into something that everyone will eat. Moreover, it is a traditional medicine so it has many health benefits.

Hing is a natural blood thinner and may help you reduce your blood pressure and can reduce headaches.

Some people don’t like hing, so if you’re one of them then you may avoid using it or may use it depending upon your taste. But it’s better to use it while preparing your namkeen masala as it adds flavor and comes with health benefits.

5. Dry mango powder -1/4 tablespoon

Dry mango powder is made from dried unripe green mangoes and is used for citrusy seasoning. Actually, dry mango powder gives a special taste when used in vegetables like okra, potatoes, and stewed lentils.

So when you use dry mango powder in the namkeen masala you will get mango like flavour.

How to prepare the namkeen masala?

You can get these spices easily from any store near to you. You don’t need to hassle to search for the store to buy these masalas. These spices are easily available in any grocery store.

So you have all these spices at home, what you need to do next is, you need to use a grinder to mix all these masalas.

Actually, the grinder is used to blend the cumin seed. If you don’t have a grinder you can buy cumin powder from the store.

Mix all the spices together and your namkeen masala is ready.

Pack it in the handy container and you can use namkeen masala for 3 months.


  • To get the best result use the accurate amount of the species as mention above in this article.
  • The color you get of the namkeen masala is orange. If you increase or decrease the quantity of the spices uses to make namkeen masala then the color may slightly differ.
  • If you want to use the namkeen masala in your daily snacks then you can double the quantity of the spices. As you can store the namkeen masala for 3 months, you can increase the quantity of the spices depending upon how long you want to use.
  • Namkeen masala consists of spices like jeera and hing which has health benefits. If you’re health conscious you can increase the amount of jeera and hing while making namkeen masala.
  • For the better taste use the exact quantity of spices and mix it properly.
  • When your masala for namkeen is ready make sure you pack the mixture in a tight jar. If the lid of the jar is loose, there are chances that you’ll lose the aroma of the mixture and the taste may vary every time you open the jar.
  • If you’re making the masala in large quantity you can use two jars. In one jar you can store the masala for another month and other jar for the regular use. So you can use a small jar to store namkeen masala for regular use and bigger jar to store the masala for another month.

Which namkeen taste best with this masala?


You can use this masala in any snacks you like. Actually, you can add this masala in whatever snacks you take when you are bored. Combining this masala in any namkeen you take regularly will enhance the taste.

The snacks that taste best with this masala are:

Other than this you can combine masala with your favorite snacks.

Everybody has a different taste. The namkeen masala used in one snack might taste better than another. So keep experimenting with the masala with different snacks and find out which snacks taste better.

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