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National Food Of Nepal: From Daal Bhat To Dindo Shisnu

Nepal is a small nation with cultural and geographical diversity. Similarly, we also have ethnically diverse cuisines with a unique blend of homely tastes and amazing lip-smacking flavors.

Yes, many have yet to learn what exactly holds in Nepalese cuisines except the world-renowned dish momos. Nepalese cuisine is a diverse mixture of flavors, traditions, and gastronomic history. 

Even though there are several delicious fast foods in Nepal, the national dish we have here always tops the chart. Not only in terms of taste and deliciousness, but these dishes are equally healthy.

Enjoy The National Cuisines Of Nepal

Nepalese cuisine takes inspiration from its neighboring nations, China and India as well. Hence, different regions of Nepal have other diet plans. In colder areas, dishes like thukpas, soup, and warm cuisines are enjoyed.

Likewise, different urban areas enjoy the food of their communities. However, the typical food that every Nepalese individual wants and has in their everyday household is Dal Bhaat. Below are the traditional foods of Nepal.

Dal Bhaat Tarkari (Lentil, Rice, And Curry)

It is the classic dish made in every Nepalese household and is also the primary meal eaten at least once a day. Here, “Dal” is the lentil soup or pulses and stews. “Bhaat” is steamed rice, and “Tarkari” is any seasonal vegetable curry.

Daal Bhat
Daal Bhat (Source – Flickr)

Likewise, it is a staple dish with several side items, such as tomato pickle, cucumber, and radish. This dish gives a ton of energy to get you going throughout the day.


It is one of the traditional curry items made up of fermented green-leafy vegetables such as spinach, mustard leaves, radish leaves, and cauliflower. Well, this goes well as a curry option or even as a side pickle dish.

This dish that is perfect for winter has intense, robust flavors. Well, they have a slightly mushroom texture and flavor.


This dish is made of various flour types, such as buckwheat, corn, millet, and wheat. They are traditionally cooked in hot boiling water until made as a paste.

Nepalese all around the nation often eat it as a constitute for polished white rice, and of course, it has many beneficial nutritional values. It is a sugar-free dish that goes well with meat items, curry, and other vegetable soups.

Sel Roti

This particular dish is a traditional kind often made on big occasions and significant festivals like Dashain, Tihar, and Lhosar. Sel Roti is a crispy and sweet treat made of rice flour and ghee frying them.

This relished treat is a mixture of a doughnut and a bagel. Moving on, this dish is circular with a crunchy texture on the outside and soft and doughy on the inside. Many enjoy this dish with morning tea, which tastes heavenly with curry items.


It is the typical dish for celebration during special events and festivals in the Newar community. Well, this sweet delicious is often made to mark the end of the rice harvest season.

Every year, they have an important festival named Yomari Punhi to enjoy this delicacy. Yomari is a steamed dumpling made of rice flour with internal fillings of sweet chaku (black treacle, molasses).

Samay Bhaji / Newari Khaja Set

It is also another traditional dish of the Newari community that has a wholesome taste. This particular dish does not include a single eatery, consisting of several items such as black beans, beaten rice, barbecued buffalo meat, boiled egg, and spicy potato salad.

This particular dish is a gourmet delight passed on from generation to generation. They are also served during auspicious occasions. Some other ingredients that can be added to this Khaja Set are chhoila, aaloo tama, aaloo achar, bhatmas, spinach, and many more.

Aloo Tama

It is one of the delicious curry items made up of potatoes (Aloo) and bamboo shoots (Tama). This unique curry has a sour taste and is added to make with other different ingredients such as beans and buff meats.

To prepare this dish, potato curry is initially made, and the fired bamboo shoots are added later. This traditional delicious is perfect for keeping your body temperature warm during the rainy and winter season. 

This cuisine is mainly eaten as a side dish with plain rice, roti, or beaten rice.

Gorkhali Lamb

The Gorkhali Lamb curry is one of the most desired curries in Nepal. They are the pieces of lamb meat that are slowly cooked and immersed in chunky curry alongside wedges of potatoes and roughly chopped onions.

To initially make this dish, the lamb is first grilled before sauteeing in a chili mixture. Also, they cut the rich, fatty meat and cook it for many hours to create a hot and intense curry gravy.

Traditional Drinks To Try In Nepal

As we have traditional cuisines and dishes on the plate, multiple drinks go well with the words. Some of such beverages are mentioned below.

  • Tongba (millet-based alcoholic beverage with a slight mushroom and milky taste)
  • Chhyang (made of fermented rice and has a mild sour taste)
  • Tinpane Raksi (distilled alcoholic beverage)
  • Aila (a distilled beverage made up of fermented ingredients such as rice, grains, and millet)
  • Sarbat (refreshing cane juice)
  • Mohi (skimmed milk made after churning the curd)
  • Jhaikhatte (alcohol mixed with hot ghee and grains of rice)
  • Marpha Brandy (juice made out of fruits found in Mustang, Marpha)

In A Nutshell

Thus, Nepalese cuisine is vast on its own. You can choose a variety of options according to your preferences.

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