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Leading FMCG distributors in Nepal

Century Foods is among one of the leading FMCG distributors in Nepal. Our broad product lines have not only satisfied Nepal’s market, but we have also succeeded in obtaining a market share in more than 15 countries. We are just not a brand that believes in making money. We aim to satisfy our customers in the national and international markets through every product we provide.

We discovered ourselves in 1980. Since then, we have prioritized customers’ needs, and presently we stand among the leading FMCG distributors in Nepal. We don’t limit ourselves to fulfilling customers’ needs. We believe in satisfying our customers with quality products. Our strength of satisfying customers’ needs with quality products is the reason how we made our name visible among FMCG distributors in Nepal.

You might be thinking, what do we provide as a renowned FMCG distributor in Nepal?

Century Foods: One of the leading FMCG distributors in Nepal

We provide every product that Nepalese kitchen needs. Our product can serve you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Also, our product can be part of every Nepalese cuisine you prepare.

Blended Spices

Nepalese dishes won’t have flavor unless it’s prepared using various spices. And obviously, it tastes delicious only if you use top-quality masalas. We have varieties of spices that can make your dishes taste delicious.

Garam masala
Garam masala


Nepalese kitchen has that one drawer fills with a jar of spices to add flavor to the dishes. We have understood the essentiality of spices in Nepalese dishes which why our product line also has various types of spices.

To name some of our spices, we have garam masala, chicken masala, biryani masala, chat masala, jeera, salt, ajwain, and many more.

Breakfast cereals

Everybody has a different choice when choosing food for breakfast. Some like to have cookies with tea, and others may like to eat cereals for breakfast. If you are the person who eats cereals for the breakfast then Century Foods has varieties of options available for you.

Muesli fruit and nut
Muesli fruit and nut


You can choose the breakfast cereals of your choice, we have corn flacks, diet crunchy muesli, muesli fruit and nuts, chocos pills, and oats. Grab a bowl, put Century breakfast meal of your choice, and pour some warm milk. Your breakfast is ready.

A bowl of breakfast cereals is suitable for morning students, job holders who have to report early morning. These cereals help you to focus on your work by keeping your brain active all day. Additionally, Century cereals are nutritious for the health and keep your stomach full to help you concentrate on your work.


If you are not fond of cereal, Century Foods has cookies to serve you for breakfast. Our cookies are rich in flavor which is why they are among the favorite breakfast options of Nepalese people.  You can dip your Century cookies in your tea or you can eat it crunchy.

Chocolate cookies
Chocolate cookies

We have coconut cookies, cashew cookies, and chocolate cookies to add flavor in your breakfast. These flavorful cookies are made with high-quality ingredients and sealed perfectly to maintain taste. When you eat any of these cookies from Century Foods you will surely get a rich flavor.

And make sure you seal it tight so that cookies don’t lose its flavor. You can transfer the cookies to another jar to maintain its crunchiness.


And for snacks, Century Foods offers hara matar, moog dal, bikaneri bhujiya and kuch-kuch to satisfy your carving. You can enjoy Century namkeen when you’re doing your assignment, watching a movie, reading a book, or doing work.

nepal fmcg distributors
Kuch Kuch

It’s obvious that when you get busy in some task, you would want to eat something to keep your body fresh and mind working. So, whenever you feel like you want to eat something you can grab the packet of Century products.

These namkeens are perfect go-to snacks. Whether you are going on a long trip or have a busy schedule, Century namkeen in your bag will never let go hungry.


Snacks are being very common in people these days. Nowadays, people are living a very different lifestyle than their grandparents or parents. Youngsters don’t just eat three times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and take many tea breaks like in past decades.

Moon Chips
Moon Chips

However, young people are carving for food every hour or two hours. They need to consume something every time. In order to fulfill people’s desire Century have manufactured many kinds of snacks to suit people with different taste.

The Crunchy snacks that Century Foods manufacture are KurMure time pass, KurMure Chicken, Cheese balls, Tropicana Corn Chips BBQ,  Potato Crackers, Gapa Gup, Cheese rings Fun Rings, and many more.

Vegetable and Food Products

Every Nepalese dining table needs to have a jar of pickle. Whether the pickle is made in-home or you have brought it for the store, your dinner is not complete without pickle on your plate.

nepal fmcg distributors
Chilly tomato sauce

Century Foods have varieties of pickles to satisfy your taste buds. Century provides Chilly pickles, Lemon pickles, Dalle pickles, and Mango pickles. Choose a pickle to add extra flavor to your plate.

Century Foods also offers jam and ketchup for children. If your kid shows a tantrum while eating, you can serve the food with ketchup to make it interesting and delicious.

Whether you serve roti, pasta, or chowmein to your children, they might not like it. But they will definitely love them with Ketchups. Century jam makes boring bread interesting.

 Century Foods serves you all-day

Century Foods being one of the leading FMCG distributors in Nepal have every type of food product to satisfy you. Whether you are working or studying you can eat Century snacks whenever you carve. Everybody has their own taste, this is the reason why Century Foods offers different flavor products.

Also, Century Foods has CTC tea, energy supplements, and dry fruits to keep you fresh all day. If you are carving for food and you don’t have time to eat then you can carry Century dry fruit or cookies in your bag. For tea lovers, Century Foods offers Gold Special CTC tea and Fresh Masala Tea.

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