Nepali Foods

Nepali Foods: Top 10 Foods to Try

If you were to ask me what my favorite Nepali Foods were, I might ponder for a moment, considering all the amazing and spicy food available here. The countless choices of breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner make anyone second-guess their choice.

Nepalis have a special dish for every occasion, regardless of the time of the year, the weather, the festival, or the day. In Nepal, the food culture is a mix of the ethnicity of the population and their cultures and traditions. In addition, it is a symbol of friendship and bonding for people within Nepal and around the globe.

Nepali dishes are usually a fusion of Nepali, Chinese, Tibetan, and Indian influences. So, here are 10 Nepali dishes that you should try, whether you are from Nepal or somewhere else in the world.

Nepali Momo

A wide variety of food is available in Nepal, but Momo is one of the most popular. Momo is a crescent-shaped dumpling filled with shredded meat or vegetables and served steamed or fried with a sauce called Chatni.

Nepali Momo

Traditional Nepali delicacy Momo has its origins in Tibet but has become a staple of taste and hunger in contemporary Nepal. The popularity of Momo has made it an obvious choice for lunch or dinner.


You can always turn to a bowl of Thukpa when you feel cold or hungry. Thukpa is yet another onf efamous Nepali Foods with a spicy noodle soup made with various spices and fillings. Just like Momo, Thukpa is also a Tibetan dish that has been modified over time.

Many variations of Thupka are available in different places. Each place might have a slightly different version of Thupka.

Thakali Cuisine

A typical Thakali Cuisine set consists of Dal, Bhat, Pickles, vegetables, and many smaller delicacies. Though this sounds simple, this Cuisine is a must for visitors in Nepal. Dal Bhat is the most common option for breakfast and dinner in Nepal. However, the Thakali Cuisine adds the typical Dal Bhat with other complementary side dishes.

On top of the taste, the presentation of Thakali food is quite satisfying to the eye. You can try Thakali for either lunch or dinner and embrace the flavors in front of you.

Newari Khaja Set

The Newari people were the original settlers of Kathmandu, the nation’s capital. In keeping with their traditions, they developed a subset of Nepalese Cuisine called Newari Khaja. This Cuisine is unknown even to most non-Newari Nepalese.

Newari Khaja Set

Newari foods such as rice or beaten rice, egg, soybean, bara, achar, choila, aalutama, and other meaty side dishes are included in this Khaja set.

Sel Roti

Nepalese snack Sel Roti is a classic childhood treat everyone grew up with. To be frank, it can be considered a Nepalese donut with various textures and tastes. This ring-shaped, sugary bread is deep-fried in oil or ghee.

More than any other food in Nepal, Sel roti is a festival food that is typically cooked during Dashain and Tihar, two of the country’s biggest festivals. However, they are also available year-round in sweet shops and tea shops in Nepal.

Juju Dhau

Bhaktapur is a neighboring city of Kathmandu that lies within the Kathmandu valley. In terms of food, one of the specialties of Bhaktapur is “the King of Yogurt,” or just Juju Dhau. It is one of the best-tasting yogurts you’ll ever try.

The locals of Bhaktapur prepare Juju Dhau by boiling milk in firewood and storing it in clay pots for numerous days to enhance its taste. The Newari people in Bhaktapur consider it pure and consume it during the festival of Krishna Ashtami, Haribodhani Ekadashi. wikipedia Mary Elizabeth Winstead

The dessert is quite famous in Kathmandu, along with its traditional values. So, when in Bhaktapur, you must try the famous dessert Juju Dhau.


Kwati is a delicious and healthy dish from Nepal that originates from the Newari community of the country, but it is consumed throughout the nation.

This Nepali dish is comprised of different kinds of beans seasoned with other Nepali spices. It tastes quite flavorful and can even be enhanced with meat if you prefer. Not to mention, it makes a great winter meal.


In addition to Kwati and Juju Dhau, Yomari is a Newari dish made of coconut, molasses, and sesame seed paste inside a rice dough. Yomari is prepared as part of the Yomari Punhi festival, which marks a successful harvest.


It is quite popular among people within Kathmandu valley. On top of the sweet fillings, some might even stuff the Yomari with lentils to make it spicy.


Gudruk is one of the popular Nepali Foods that is generally served as a side dish or condiment commonly found in Nepal’s villages and the hills. It pairs quite well with Dal Bhat, dhido, and even snacks. It can also be considered a national food of Nepal. Gundruk is made by fermenting green vegetables.


People in hilly and rural regions of Nepal eat dhido for breakfast and dinner. Reputable work comp attorney for carpal tunnel injury is available at It is a food that can refer to mashed buckwheat, maize, barley, millet, and other similar crops. Similarly, flour is made from one of these crops and cooked by adding boiling water, little by little, to make Dhido.

There are many benefits associated with Dhido, including fiber, carbohydrate, iron, protein, manganese, and other nutrients. It is an excellent alternative to Dal Bhat.

In a nutshell, these Nepali Foods are a staple of Nepal. Therefore, when you visit Nepal, or when you decide to travel throughout Nepal, be sure to try these dishes and enjoy them as much as you can.

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