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Nepali Herbal products: Medicinal Plants in Nepal

Did you ever use Nepali herbal remedies to cure any discomfort in your body? If you have ever used these herbal products, you are undoubtedly aware of the wonders these products can do to your body.

Nepal is a prosperous country for rare and unique plants and herbs. The government is considered a treasure trove when it comes to resourceful medicinal herbs.

Medicinal herbs with healing properties are found in Nepal.

Tons of Nepali herbs and herbal products are annually exported to different continents in the world. However, a significantly less mass of the population in Nepal is aware of these benefits and uses them in their daily lives.

It could be the lack of research or an established chain of people and resources because these beautiful herbs and products cannot reach out to people.

Keep reading the article to learn more about the medicinal herbs found in Nepal and what these herbs can do to your body’s healing.

Nepali Herbal Products

One can find a range of Nepali herbal products with medicinal benefits and healing properties. The benefits, however, entirely depend on the usage of these products. If you use these products consciously, they can do wonders to the body.

Some of these herbal products are:

  • Herbal tea– These teas are made from naturally occurring medicinal herbs like basil, mint, chamomile, and hibiscus flowers. Consuming such herbal tea helps with various health problems, and it enhances metabolism as well.
Nepali Herbal products

Liquid extracts from the herbs found in Nepal.

  1. Liquid extracts- There are a range of liquid extracts from different exotic plants that are produced in Nepal
  2. Essential oils- Such oils are one of the effective herbal products manufactured in Nepal and exported outside. These essential oils are used in therapies and cosmetic products as well.
  3. Salts- Nepal’s Himalayan pink salt and crystal salts are other significant products.

Wonders of Herbal Products in Healing

Nepali herbal products have a range of healing properties. These are often used to cure insomnia problems, to cure depression, indigestion, and other similar health problems. Nepali herbal products are very beneficial in imparting physical and mental healing.

Some of the beautiful healing properties of Nepali herbal products are listed below:

1. They are very good sleep inducers.

Getting a peaceful sleep is a challenging job for most people these days. People are so engulfed in their work that they have no time to care for a sound sleep.

Thus, even when people try to rest their minds, they are unable to take rest. Hence, Nepali herbal teas and aromatic therapy using essential oils are convenient for inducing sleep.

People often use aroma therapy using essential oils extracted from medicinal herbs to induce sleep and heal people.

2. Herbal products: known to cure digestive problems.

These days the food habit of people is peculiar. The kind of food that we eat is just a flavor to the taste buds rather than being efficient in providing the essential nutrients required for the body.

Thus, people are constantly suffering from indigestion, congestion, and other related digestion problems. If one costumes the synthetic medications, the cure is short-lived, and issues recur. Hence, herbal remedies and dietary supplies could be one of the best alternatives for such problems.

There is a range of herbal dietary formulas like digestion aid powder, herbal teas, herbal juices, and drinks designated to cure digestive problems. You can find such herbal supplements in any ayurvedic store.

3. Herbal beneficial to mental well-being.

Along with physical well-being, well-balanced mental health is also essential for a person’s performance in different fields in life. However, people aren’t conscious enough to care for their mental health.

As a result, a lot of people suffer from the consequences of mental retardation. A mentally tired person cannon perform well to give back to the community. And that’s where such herbal products that can relax one’s mind come into action.

There is a range of products like herbal tea, aromatic therapy with essential oils, dietary supplements, and so on. These herbal products will help manage the stress and ensure one’s mental well-being,

4. Herbal products: known to heal problems related to one’s sexual performance.

Sexual underperformance is one of the most faced problems for people today. Hence, finding a way to cure and deal with it is a necessity for people.

Although there is a range of allopathic, homeopathic, and related remedies to cure such problems, herbal products are also found effective in healing them. Some herbal dietary supplements and ointments are readily available in the market to treat issues related to one’s sexual performance. Shilajit is one such herbal remedy that is useful in healing problems related to sexual underperformance.

Nepali Herbal Products are famous among all over the world. Every types of herbs are found in Nepal that’s why people called the Nepal is the gift of God.


Similarly, this herb also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which can improve the immunity and memory of a person. The herbal products are also used to cure congestion and respiratory problems. The herbal dietary supplements consisting of primary herbs are also available to facilitate menstrual pain and abnormalities.

In addition, herbs like eucalyptus and its oil are also beneficial in preventing parasitic insects like leeches and mosquitoes.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, Nepali herbal products have many healing properties. However, the lack of proper research and practice has limited the discovery of these products’ beautiful properties.

Most of us consume these natural herbs without being aware of the benefits these do to our bodies. Some of the primary herbs that are used to make these products are basil, turmeric, myrobalan(Harro), Barro, mint, aloe vera, ginger, garlic, Marsha gumba, ashwagandha, asparagus, etc.,

How many herbs are there in Nepal?

Now this time, 510 herbs are found in Nepal’s jungle. In addition, according to the experts, there are so many other hidden herbal products in Nepal’s jungle.

Which region is famous for medicinal herbs?

The Himalayas of Nepal is the most popular for herbal products. Almost every type of herbal product is found in those areas.

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