Heavenly Taste With Nepali Momos And their Varieties!

Heavenly Taste With Nepali Momos And their Varieties!

We have all heard of the must-have food in Nepal, Momo! Whether be it for snacks, dinner, or even meals, Momo just fits anywhere and at any time. Not to mention its availability! You can find Momos anywhere and everywhere in Nepal.

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In fact, Nepali Momo is so popular that you will find it in any restaurant, cafe, or hotel you visit. Do not forget; people also love cooking it at home and love to make it on most occasions. Now that you know about it, you may be delighted to try it. But as soon as you take the menu, does your head hurts with such wide varieties?

nepali momo
Nepali Momos (Source = Flickr)

To make all the variations simple, Nepali Momos is easily subdivided into two forms; Veg and Non-Veg Momos. Well, all these types are served with a dipping sauce which is usually made up of tomatoes. This dipping sauce is locally known as achaar, which helps to enhance your Momo’s flavors. Often this achaar is similar to that of tomato ketchup. Unrelated but Nepali Momos goes perfectly with some cold drinks.

Types Of Nepali Momos

Yes, Momo does have multiple types based on its shape, fillings, and methods of preparation. Though basic steam Momo is the primary concept of these small-sized dumplings. However, they can be prepared and transformed into a certain kind as per one’s taste.

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While the pioneer type is still steam Momo, it is also the one that culturally started a trend for other types of Momos on the list. Basically, these Momos are categorized and vary in two main forms.

Based On Cooking Style

Of course, as long as it pleases your tastebuds and satisfies your palette, Momos can be cooked in multiple ways.

1. Steam Momo

It is the basic and the first form of the Nepali Momos. It is simple yet so tasteful with savory fillings and juices. As the name suggests, Steam Momo are steamed ones in the Momo steamer.

2. Fried Or Kothey Momos

These are the crunchiest form of Momos which are deep fried before or after steaming. Yes, indeed, the fried Momos are a bit oily. Likewise, Kothey Momos are also similar to the fried ones; however, they are only half fried. For Kotheys, the bottom half is deep fried while the upper half is kept as steamed.

3. C-Momo Or Chilli Momo

Immersed in chili sauce, C-Momo (also known as Chili Momo) is the hot and spicy version of our regular Momos. With the thick chili sauce, the chili Momo has several cut-up vegetables like capsicum and onions in the sauce. For any spice lovers, chili Momos is the best option.

4. Open Momo

It is one of the modern forms of Nepali Momo and has an unclosed wrapper at the top. It is steamed baked and gives a beautiful flower representation.

5. Jhol Momo

They are the best Momo for the cold weather and chilly days. These Momos are drowned in a broth bowl (made of vegetables and meat). These broths are texturally thin and have a hot, spicy, and tangy twist.

6. Buckwheat Momo

This Momo is made out of buckwheat (phapar) and is the perfect choice for people who are health conscious but still want Momos. Yes, this Momo is much more nutritious than the regular ones. Well, they have a thin texture and are superb to taste; however, if you eat them when cold, it gets a bit dry.

7. Sadheko Momo

These momos are similar to that pickles. They are prepared as we do for pickles, a little savory and a little sour.

8. Tandoori Momo

Been one of the latest Momo cooking styles, Tandoori Momo, as the name suggests, is the combination between tandoori and Momo. Yes, it is one of the most pleasing flavors in Momo, with a rich texture.

Based On The Fillings And Ingredients

As much as there are variations in the cooking style, Momo can also be made with different fillings and ingredients per one’s choice.

1. Veg Momo

People have a misconception that Momos are only for non-veg lovers; however, it also comes in vegetarian style. Perfect for vegans, the fillings might consist of several vegetables such as cabbage, carrot, spinach, and many more.

2. Non-Vegan Momo

These Momos contain meat fillings inside, and they can be any of your choices. You have the buff, chicken, mutton, and even pork fillings.

3. Cheese or Paneer Momom

Well, you can also have Momos with dairy products. Yes, the fillings are either paneer or cheese.

4. Khuwa Momo

Also made out of milk, Khuwa is a sweet dessert with light testing. Therewith, Khuwa Momo is reminiscent of a softened burfi.

5. Fish Momo

Lighter than any of the other regular Momos, Fish Momo has an unusual flavor. This Momo is stuffed with fish and meat and promises you a different Momo world.

Why is momo famous in Nepal?

Momo is made up of special spices which take a unique flavor original typical Nepali taste. To be honest, Momo is the most preferred dish in Nepal.

How many types of momos are found in Nepal?

Every different cook man makes a unique taste while making momos with their hands, so it’s difficult to say how many types of momos are made in Nepal. However, there are 11 major different types and flavors of momos made in Nepal.

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