Pasta Recipe: How To Make Delicious Pasta?

Pasta is an easy food to prepare. There are many methods of preparing pasta. And the time duration of preparing pasta depends upon the method you follow.

On following this recipe, you can prepare pasta within 20 minutes. This pasta recipe is loved by kids and adults. You can pack it for their lunch. Follow every step of this pasta recipe to prepare delicious pasta.

Tips To Make Pasta

  • You can use any vegetable of your choice. You may prefer using veggies like sweet corn, baby corn, and mushrooms.
  • In the end, you may use coconut cream to give it a creamy taste.
  • You can use any type of pasta.
Raw Pasta

Ingredients To Prepare Pasta

  • Two cups of pasta
  • Two tablespoon butter
  • Half teaspoon cumin seeds
  • Three cloves of garlic
  • One-third teaspoon salt
  • Half teaspoon red chili powder
  • Half teaspoon garam masala
  • Coriander leaves
  • Two tablespoon cream
  • One large size Onion
  • One large size tomato
  • Half cup of green pea
  • Half capsicum chopped
  • One medium size carrot

Instructions To Prepare Pasta

Step 1:

First step is to boil pasta. Boil six to seven cups of water in a large pot. Let the water boil in medium flame.

Step 2:

When the water boils, you need to add two cups of pasta and few pinches of salt. Cover the pasta with a lid and boil the pasta on high flame. You may also check the instructions given on the pack before you boil it.

Step 3:

Meanwhile, you can start chopping vegetables. Start by chopping onion. Take a knife and start chopping an onion into fine pieces. Put the chopped onion on the plate.

Step 4:

Now you can start peeling green peas. You have to peel green pea until you reach half cup.

Step 5:

Now you chop one medium size carrot. It would be better if you wash the carrot before chopping. While chopping the carrot, you need to chop it into small dices. When carrot is chopped into small dices, it cooks quickly.

Step 6:

Take a capsicum and chop it into half. You will just need half capsicum in this pasta recipe, so finely chop the half capsicum into small dices.

Step 7:

After that, you need to chop one large tomato. Chop the tomato into fine pieces and transfer it into a bowl. You can roughly mash the tomatoes using spoons. You don’t have to mash the tomatoes into a paste, just mash it with a gentle force few times.

Open the lit, pasta might have turn soft. If the pasta is not soft, let them bowl for few more minutes. You may check the paste using fork or spoon. Stick the fork to check the pasta.


Step 8:

Once the pasta is soft, you can drain the pasta using a colander and transfer it to the bowl. You can allow the pasta with little water in the bowl. This will help in bringing pasta to consistency.

Step 9:

Now you can start preparing masala for pasta. To prepare masala for pasta you need to heat a pan with butter. Let the butter heat in low-medium flame.

Step 10:

After a minute, you can add half a teaspoon of cumin seed and finely chopped ginger. Stir the spices until the raw smell goes. You may have to fry the spices for at least 2 minutes. Don’t increase the flame. Roast it in low-flame to avoid burn.

Step 11:

Add one finely chopped onion and fry it until it turns golden brown. You can increase the flame to medium while roasting onion. If you are using a thin-bottom pan don’t roast the onion on medium flame. You have to roast them in low-medium flame. Keep stirring the onions in intervals to avoid burning.

Step 12:

 Once the onion turns golden brown, add green peas, chopped capsicum, and chopped carrots. Fry the vegetables for two to three minutes. Keeping stirring the vegetables in intervals.

Step 13:

Add roughly mashed tomatoes. In this step, you also need to add salt according to your taste. If you are not sure about the amount of salt to use, you add an amount of salt mentioned in the ingredient section. Fry the vegetables until the tomatoes turn soft. You can fry them in medium flame. Instead of mashed tomatoes, you can also use tomato puree.

Step 14:

When the raw smell of tomato disappears, you can add all the remaining masala powders.  You need to add half teaspoon red chili powder and half teaspoon garam masala.

Step 15:

Fry the spices for minute or two. Keep stirring the masala until the raw smells vanishes. But make sure you don’t burn them.

Step 16:

Add two tablespoons of cream. Stir it well with all the spices.

Step 17:

Add cooked pasta and stir it well. Stir it well. Make sure every piece of pasta is coated with masala. You need to cook the pasta for few minutes. Mix well and taste the salt. If necessary, add salt.

Pasta is ready to be served. You can also pack it for the lunch.

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