Pepper Sprinkle V/S Salt Sprinkle

Have you been confused sitting in a restaurant look at the sprinkles? Your food arrives on your table, and you are starring on the sprinkle, wondering which is pepper sprinkle and which is salt sprinkle.

So to identify which sprinkle contains salt and which contains pepper, people snake both sprinkles in their place. Do you also do it? It is the most convenient way to identify sprinkles. But you can identify the sprinkle without having to shake it on the plate. 

What Is A Pepper Sprinkle?

Pepper sprinkle, also known as pepper shaker, is the kitchen container commonly used in restaurants and hotels. It is placed on the table so that customers can adjust the flavor of their meal according to their taste.

Pepper sprinkle has small holes but has more holes on the top. There is no accurate size of the holes, but they are usually smaller than a salt sprinkle.

Pepper sprinkle
Pepper Sprinkle

What Is A Salt Sprinkle?

A salt sprinkle, also known as a salt shaker, is a container containing salt. Restaurants and hotels use salt shakers so that customers can add salt to their dishes if required. The food-service industry uses salt shakers and pepper shakers to satisfy customers with their food.

A salt sprinkle has larger and fewer holes compare to a pepper shaker. Just like pepper shakers, there is no accurate size of holes, but holes are usually larger.

Salt shaker
Salt Shaker

How Many Holes Do Salt Sprinkle And Pepper Sprinkle Have?

Normally, the salt shaker has two holes, and the pepper shaker has three holes. But the numbers of holes depend on the culture. Some shaker has one hole, and some shaker has two holes. Shaker with one hole is for salt, and a shaker with two holes is for pepper.

However, this rule doesn’t imply all over the world. In the US, the salt shaker has fewer holes, and the pepper shaker has more holes. But in European countries, this is the opposite. So, this is totally a culture. It doesn’t matter which spices you put in which shaker.

If you go shopping for a shaker set, just use it according to your taste. You can use shake with more holes if you like salty taste and pepper for a shaker with few holes. And you can go other way round if you use more pepper in your food.


Why Does Pepper Shaker Have More Holes?

Using a shaker for salt or pepper totally depend on the culture and taste. There are no rules that suggest you need to put salt in a few holes and pepper in more holes shaker. You can use the shaker as per your preference.

Logically, pepper is put in the shaker with more holes because pepper is big and light and it won’t fly out of the hole easily. And Salt is a fine particle so it can fly out of holes easily when put in a shaker with few holes.

So, if you think logically, using salt in a fewer holes shaker makes sense. But you can switch it. If you don’t use pepper in your food much, you can use a shaker with fewer holes. Shaker with more holes flows the particle faster so according to your preference you can use salt or pepper.

How To Refill Salt And Pepper Sprinkle?

Refilling sprinkles can be messy if you don’t know how the right way. Most people try to refill it with a spoon and end up creating a mess on the table. The best way to refill the shaker is by using a funnel.

If you don’t have a funnel you can make it one. Take paper and fold it into a cone shape. Cut the tip of the cone. Your funnel is ready.

You can also use an envelope as a funnel.  Cut one corner of the envelope to make the funnel. You can make a funnel by using an envelope or paper. Choose to do it either way.

Open the shaker and place the tip of the funnel into the mouth of the shaker. Then allow the salt to flow through the funnel to the shaker.  You use the same method to fill the pepper shaker.


Where To Put Pepper Shaker And Salt Shaker On The Table?

If you are using a shaker for home, it doesn’t matter where you put it on the table. However, if you are organizing a formal dinner at home, you would want to learn when the placement of salt and pepper sprinkle. Knowing table manners can impress your guest.

Salt sprinkle goes to the right of the pepper sprinkle. And pepper sprinkle goes to the left of the salt sprinkle. The angle of the pepper shaker is slightly above the salt shaker. Pepper shaker and salt shaker is placed between two place setting.

What Are The Ridges On The Bottom Of A Pepper Sprinkle For?

Ridges on the glass sprinkle are to prevent the container from sliding on the surface it is placed on. It prevents breaks or spills in the kitchen or table. This is smart manufacture to prevent a mess in the kitchen.

Are You Supposed To Rub Salt And Pepper Shakers Together?

Rubbing the bottom of the salt and pepper shaker result in vibration inside that allow the grains to fall through the shaker easily. This is useful when the pepper is not coming out of the shaker. Something pepper flakes can hinder when coming from the shaker. Applying this method can be useful.

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