Price of Kaju in Nepal

What is the price of Kaju in Nepal?

We are very aware of the fact that the price of every commodity keeps on fluctuating in Nepal. Similarly, price of Kaju (cashew nuts) is also not stable in the market of Nepal. Although the price of Kaju changes when you buy after a gap, that doesn’t mean you compromise with the taste.

If you get high-quality Kaju at a reasonable price then there is nothing to argue about. But the problem arises when the market charges you a high price for the low-quality Kaju.

If you don’t like to compromise the quality then Century Kaju is what you should be buying. Kaju from Century is sold at the best price in Nepal and is one of the popular products among the people.

You can buy the Century Kaju from your near store or you can also purchase online. You can make online purchases from and

Price of Century Kaju in Nepal

Kaju is something that you can eat at any time. It’s like a snack on your table which can be eaten while you watch the movie, read a book, or do work. In order to keep your mind fresh, Century Kaju is available at the most reasonable price in the market of Nepal.

  • Roasted Cashew Black Pepper 100 gm: Rs 485
  • Roasted Cashew Salted 100 gm: Rs 485
  • Roasted Cashew Salted 180 gm: Rs 900
  • Roasted Cashew Red Chill 100 gm: Rs 485

The Kaju that Century distributes in Nepal has a delicate nutty taste and are tastiest nuts for snacking. However, they are perfect for dishes like curries, halwa, chicken gravy, etc. Kaju is not just an ideal for pairing with spices and other dishes to satisfy your appetite but they also satisfy your taste bud.

Roasted Kaju with chilli 

Century kaju
Roasted red-chilli Kaju

Many may not know that Kaju has health benefits. A jar of Century Kaju is full of nutrients which include iron and protein. They can be alternative to any type of unhealthy processed snacks.

As Century provides high-quality products, we ensure that we seal the jar of Kaju perfectly and we also make sure that every Kaju satisfies your taste bud. And you’ll notice that all our products including Kaju are available at an affordable price in the market.

Our jar of roasted cashew red chilli is perfect for those who like spicy snacks. It is not only spicy but healthy for your body as Kaju is rich in minerals.

We make sure that we roast Kaju perfectly with all the spices to give it delicious taste. Moreover, they also provide protein and fiber to your body.

We roast Kaju fresh just before packaging and they taste amazing.

 Roasted Kaju with Salted

Century roasted kaju
Roasted Kaju Salted

If you want to buy the Century Kaju from the store or want to buy it online, you won’t be disappointed by its quality and taste. We are one of the leading brands in Nepal to provide the Kaju at a reasonable price.  We ensure that our products are of high quality and satisfy our customers.

To give extra flavour to Kaju, we roast it with salt so that when you eat it you get a salty taste. Along with salt, we also add other spices to give a finger-licking taste. It is a wonderful combination of rich flavour and superiority.

Additionally, you can use this Kaju as an ingredient in dishes like biryani, chicken curry etc, to give a wow flavour.

Roasted Kaju with Black pepper

Kaju price in Nepal
Roasted Kaju black pepper

This is another flavour of Kaju which is also very popular in the market of Nepal. Crispy roasted Kaju is covered with black pepper which is perfect anytime snacks. Whether you are bored or hungry, a jar of roasted Kaju with black pepper by your side will always rejoice your mood.

We use high-quality Kaju and spices to give an organic taste. Our priority is only to satisfy our customers by providing exactly what they want.

If you want to give extra flavour to your dish you can add Roasted Kaju with Black pepper. This will add a hot and spicy flavour to your dish.

Make your Food taste delicious and taste better.

Health benefits of Kaju

Kajus are a great source of nutrition. They contain a massive level of magnesium, manganese, selenium, and zinc. Eating a Kaju a day can provide you with all the necessary nutrition to your body except calcium and potassium.

Additionally, it can help you lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, and erectile dysfunction. And it is also the source of monounsaturated fatty acids which reduces the level of LDL-cholesterol circulating in the blood.

In fact, Kaju is also a source of protein which is necessary nutrition to one’s body.

Actually, Kaju is naturally low in sodium. So we roast the Kaju with salt to provide plenty of sodium to the body and also it tastes amazing.

Are you looking for methods to lose weight?

Then Kaju can help you with that.

If you are searching for methods to lose weight then nothing is better than losing weight by eating some delicious food like Century Kaju on a daily basis.

Kajus are also a source of Dietary Fiber. As our body doesn’t produce dietary fiber we need to consume externally. Also consuming Kaju a day will help in improving digesting. However, if you consume excessively it can cause bloating and internal gas production.

Copper is another mineral that is carried by Kaju and is extremely important for our body. Taking Kaju daily can help in avoiding blood pressure.

The bottom line is our diet should have every necessary mineral to help our body function well. So, consuming Kaju can benefit you with all the nutrition instead of taking varieties of dishes.

Why should you buy Kaju from Century Foods?

Century Foods is providing various kinds of Nepalese food products that satisfy people. We make sure that everyone can relate to our products, which is why we always focus on quality. Though we are rich in product line our ultimate goal is to satisfy our consumers with every product we provide.

The value of the product is not just measured by its price, but the quality of the product has a major role too. Our Kaju meets every quality standard and is formulated in a way that satisfies Nepalese taste.

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