Sabut Garam Masala

How to Make Sabut Garam Masala at Home?

Sabut Garam Masala is prepared from the same spices used in Powder Garam Masala but without grinding them into fine powder. It is also known as Whole Garam Masala.

Sabut Garam Masala is used to prepare dishes like pulao, side dishes, and all types of biryani.

The whole spices are put to the heated oil or ghee first. The masala then releases its essential oils and gives its fragrance and tastes to the boiling oil when applied.

Sabut Garam Masala Ingredients:

Garam Masala Ingredient
Sabut Garam Masala Ingredients (Source:

The ingredients for Sabut garam masala are the same as Garam Masala Powder which includes the following:

3/2 cups of cumin seeds (jeera)

3/4 cup green cardamoms (sukumel / hari elaichi)

1/2 cup black cardamom (Nepali Alainchi / Thulo Sukumel / Badi Elaichi)

6 – 8 sticks of cinnamon (dalchini)

1/2 cup coriander seeds (dhania seeds)

1/3 cup cloves (lavang)

1/3 cup peppercorns (marich / kalimirch)

2-5 bay leaves (tej patta)

Stepwise Directions for Preparing Sabut Garam Masala

Step 1: Clean the Ingredients

In the beginning, remove all the small stones and other visible debris from the ingredients. Also, look for larvae among the spices.

Likewise, clean the cinnamon by removing larvae, fungus, or worms. To remove the dust from bay leaves, wash the bay leaves or clean the leaves with a clean moist cloth or tissues.

Step 2: Dry Roast the Cumin Seeds (Jeera)

Take a heavy bottom pan (Tawa) or an iron girdle and heat it for some time in medium flame. Add the cumin seeds to the pan and roast the cumin seeds on a low flame. Roast the cumin seeds until they are fully dry or fragrant.

You can roast them for about five minutes on a low flame. Make sure to stir the cumin seeds with a spoon while roasting them.

Step 3: Cool the Roasted Cumin Seeds

Move the roasted cumin seeds to a big bowl and let them cool.

Step 4: Mix all the Ingredients

After the cumin seeds are cooled, add the other ingredients to the same bowl and mix the spices in the same bowl. Make the mixture uniform.

Your Sabut Garam Masala is now ready.

Step 5: Store

Lastly, make sure to store the Sabut Garam Masala in a clean and air-sealed container or jar. Use it when you need the masala.

Quick Tips while preparing or using the Sabut Garam Masala

  1. Cleaning the ingredients is an important step because the debris present in them can affect the taste of this Garam Masala. So, don’t skip this step.
  2. To prevent the cumin seeds from burning and losing their aroma, stir them while constantly dry roasting.
  3. While using the Sabut Garam Masala to prepare a dish, use a clean and dry spoon.

When to use the Sabut Garam Masala?

I recommend you use this Masala when you want a cuisine to be more aromatic and have a mild taste of the Garam Masala spices without the intense flavor and taste found in Garam Masala Powder.

For instance, we use Sabut Garam Masala when the dish has its own flavor mixes, such as vegetable pulao and biryani. Since dishes like vegetable pulao and biryani have their own spice blend, we don’t use the powdered form of Garam masala. Get unemployed loans.

Using powdered Garam masala can dominate the tastes of the biryani masala. However, these spices are added to the heated oil. It infuses the biryani with the fragrance without hampering the flavor of the biryani masala.

Instructions for using Sabut Garam Masala

Unlike powdered Garam masala, we add the Sabut Garam Masala at the starting phase of the recipe. Please follow these steps if you don’t know when and how to use them:

  1. Heat ghee or oil in a pan, cooker, or girdle.
  2. Once the ghee or oil is heated, add the required amount of the prepared Sabut Garama Masala.
  3. Cook the masala and ensure that they are roasted perfectly and don’t get burned.
  4. Add the other ingredients like chopped onions, garlic, and ginger, and follow the instructions of the recipe that you are going to cook.

Health Benefits from Sabut Garam Masala

Many people use Sabut Garam Masala just for their flavor and aroma. However, many people are still unaware of its multiple health benefits.

The major health benefits you can get by using Sabut Garam Masala in your diet are as follows:

1. Helps with Digestive Issues

The old wives’ tale that Garam masala boosts digestion appears to be true.

Cumin has been demonstrated to increase the performance of digestive enzymes. Another ubiquitous component, peppercorns, has also been discovered to be advantageous to our digestive tract.

Furthermore, studies have revealed that eating meals seasoned with garam masala were linked to quicker digestion in healthy individuals.

2. Rich in Strong Antioxidants

Garam masala has potent antioxidants in each of its ingredients. Cinnamon is an antioxidant that aids in the prevention of cancer, arthritis, and ulcers.

On the other hand, Cloves are also high in antioxidants, which aid in the healing of wounds and insect bites.

3. Regulates Blood pressure

Cardamom has shown the potential to lower blood pressure and increase overall cardiovascular health.

Coriander has also been linked to reducing bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

As a result, it’s a dependable source of heart-healthy chemicals that you may incorporate into your daily routine.

4. Increases Nutrients Absorption

Sabut Garam Masala’s black pepper boosts the body’s natural capacity to absorb proteins, minerals, and vitamins. It is also a good source of fiber, which helps you eat fewer calories and boosts your metabolism naturally.

It aids in the breakdown of fat cells and is strong in vitamin K and manganese, which aid in the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates.

5. Reduced Risk from Cancer

Cloves, in particular, have been demonstrated to help manage the early stages of lung cancer by promoting normal cell activity, inhibiting tumor development, and even promoting normal cell function.

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