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12 Health Benefits Of Sattu Powder

Sattu is a healthy drink rich in various nutrients. This amazing drink is beneficial for kids as well as adults. You can drink sattu during summer to energize you and keep you full for a longer time.  

Actually, sattu is made out of roasted gram flour which is high in nutrient level. Roasted gram flour is blended into a fine powder and then mixed with water or milk. You may prefer to drink it early morning or after dinner.

Talking about the nutrient value of sattu, it is rich in protein, energy, fiber, iron, manganese, calcium, and many other vitamins and minerals. Sattu is one of the healthy drinks that you can drink to meet the requirement of nutrient level.

People buy artificial protein drinks to maintain a level of protein in the body. However, sattu is a natural protein drink that is the perfect summertime drink. Sattu has cooling properties, which is great in providing relief from the scorching heat.

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Health Benefits of Sattu Powder

1. Maintain Blood Sugar Level

Sattu is great at maintaining cholesterol levels. Sattu is loaded with fiber which can help in regulating blood sugar levels in the body. However, if you are already taking medicine to maintain blood sugar, you need to consult a doctor before making changes in your diet. You can eat sattu if the doctor recommends.

2. Good For Digestion

Sattu can cure issues related to the stomach like constipation, bloating, acidity and provide relief to irritation in the stomach. Consuming sattu clean out your colon but help cure problems link to the stomach. To make a sattu drink add one tablespoon of sattu powder to one glass of milk to drink. Try this recipe every day to improve digestion.

3. Cool Your Body

Summer heat can lower your energy level, which can make you dull and tired. But this natural drink can become your favorite drink during summer to hydrate your body. As it has a great amount of fiber, carbs, vitamins, and minerals, it helps you keep going in the scorching heat.

4. Keep You Full For A Long Time

Sattu is a rich source of protein which is essential for the growth and repair of muscle. When you take protein, you will not need any artificial protein drink to keep yourself healthy. Also, you don’t have to depend fully on other sources of protein to meet the requirement of your body. Additionally, drinking sattu keeps you full for a long time, not allowing you to eat unhealthy foods.

5. Lose Weight

As sattu keeps you full for a long time, it’s very obvious that you will limit yourself on excessive consumption. When you are not eating unhealthy food, there is a high chance that you will stay fit and healthy. Elimination of unhealthy food from your diet will surely help you lose weight.

6. Great Source of Energy

Sattu is a wonderful source of energy. In order to stay energetic, you will need more oxygen, and to get more oxygen, you will need more red blood cells. The best way to grow red blood cells in the body is to drink sattu. When you drink sattu on an empty stomach, it aids in the growth of red blood cells in the body.

Sattu powder

7. Improve Appetite

Drinking sattu doesn’t just aids in the growth of red blood cell, but also improve appetite. Sattu is able to increase appetite as it has potassium and magnesium. If you want to improve your appetite, you surely want to drink sattu at least once a day.  

8. Flush Toxins

You stay fit and healthy when the toxin is removed from the body. This is also one of the important factors that aid in weight loss. Sattu is pack in detoxifying properties which keep you healthy and protect you from many diseases. Try consuming sattu every day to protect yourself from several unhealthy bacteria.

9. Good For Skin

Sattu keeps the body and skin hydrated. Sattu is rich in iron, it promotes your energy level and makes your skin glow. Regular consumption of sattu makes you face your glow. Also, sattu prevent damage to the skin cell that helps you keep your skin smooth.

10. Improve Hair Growth

Sattu provides nutrients to the follicle of the hair, which help in hair growth. If you have weak hair or your hair is not growing, try drinking sattu to improve your hair. Regular consumption of sattu strengthens the hair, which aids in less hair loss.

11. Control Cholesterol

If you have high cholesterol, you may try drinking sattu to control your cholesterol level. Sattu is an excellent source of fiber which helps in reducing the cholesterol level of your body. People with high cholesterol levels may try drinking sattu to normalize cholesterol levels.

12. Increases Muscle Mass

Sattu has properties that can improve the growth of muscle mass. So, you may provide sattu to your child every day to help in growing muscle. It is recommended to feed your child at least two spoons of sattu to your child.

How To Prepare Sattu?

To prepare sattu, you will need Sattu powder, chilled water, lemon juice, mint leaves (optional), roasted cumin, black pepper, and salt. You can get Century sattu from an online store.

In a glass of chilled water, you may add two teaspoons of sattu powder, cumin seed, black pepper, lemon juice, and salt. Mix it well and enjoy a refreshing drink.

Instead of water, you can also use milk. If you are mixing sattu with milk, you will not need any other ingredients. You can add one or two spoons of sattu in milk and mix it well to enjoy a nutritious drink.

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