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Spices Manufacturers: Tips to Start Spice Business in Nepal

Spices are essential in Nepalese cooking. None of the Nepalese food is made without spices. And spices are what make the Nepalese cuisines delicious.

Spices are an important ingredient in every Nepalese restaurant, hotel, household, and street foods. When Nepalese are using spices in every food they cook, it can be assumed that there is a good scope for spice manufacturers in Nepal.

Additionally, there is a good demand for Nepalese spices in the domestic market and international market. Nepalese spices are grown organically, which is why there are good opportunities for spice manufacturers to showcase organic spices from Nepal in the international market.

Before you turn your idea into reality, you will need certain tips.

Tips for spices manufacturers to start a business in Nepal

1. Select the area

Selecting the ideal location is important in the spice manufacturing business. You need to judge the location on the base of the facilities you need to operate your spice manufacturing business. The key facilities that you will need are- water supply and electricity supply.

You can open your spice manufacturing business in a commercial area where you can get easy access to every business requirement. Make sure the location you choose has a good transportation network so that there won’t be any difficulties in distributing spices in the market.

It will be much better if you are able to operate your business near the target market. When your business is near the target market, you can easily distribute the spices on demand and on time. This ensures that your customers don’t shift to competitors’ products.

2. Choose spices to start a business

Nepal is rich in flavorful organic spices. Nepal produces ginger, round chilies, cinnamon, coriander turmeric, and many other spices that have huge domestic and international demands.  So, it would be best if you decided on the types of spices and the target market to start your business.


You will need unground spices for your spices business. The raw material for the ground spice depends upon the types of spices you choose. Collect the spices from the area where you can get high-quality spices in huge quantities.

Apart from spices, you will also need material for packaging purposes, which is essential for protecting the spices for longer use. You can also package the spices for advertising purposes. Creative packaging can draw the attention of customers, so think about the font, color, graphic, and design.

3. Machinery for spices business

You will need to buy a machine for spice production. It would help if you buy machines depending upon the types of spices you choose to convert into powder. Many types of grinding machines are available in the market for different types of spices. Some machines can be used for large scale manufacturing, and others are for small-scale manufacturing.

Spice Pouch packing machine
Spice Pouch packing machine

Impact pulverizer and double stage pulverizer are suitable to generate powder from rock salt and turmeric. Impact pulverizer is right for your business if you want to sell salt and turmeric and want to operate on a large-scale. And if you want to operate on a small-scale, you can buy a double-stage pulverizer.

Hammermill, spice mill, and pounding machines are also used in the spice manufacturing business. Hammermill is suitable for chili, cumin, mustard, coriander, curry leaves, and other spices. Spice mill is suitable for fennel, fenugreek, mustard, poppy seeds, cardamom, mint, etc. The pounding machine is suitable for anardana, mustard, black cumin, fennel, caraway, mace, long pepper, etc.

You can decide on the machine according to the spices you choose for your business.

4. Producing spice powder

Processing the spices is an important step in producing spice powder. The spices have to be cleaned, dried, roasted, grind, graded, and packed in the container. Cleaning is the initial process of producing spices in which ungrounded spices are cleaned manually to remove dirt and dust.

spices manufacturers in nepal
Spice cleaning machine

After cleaning them, you need to keep them in sunlight to dry because the quality of spice powder depends on the well-dried spice. You can dry the spices under the sun during the dry season, or you can also dry the spices in the wet season using an artificial dryer.

Once the spices are well dried, they need to be roasted because this process will give them aroma, color, and taste. Now the spices need to be processed to convert them into powder. There are different types of grinding machines to convert the spices into powder. You can get the machine according to the spices you choose to sell.

The quality analysis is done based on flavor, size, shape, density, and color. Once the spice powder is good to go into the market, they are packed in the container to sell.

5. Sell in the local market

Making your product available in grocery stores is how you show your presence. Displaying your spices in local grocery stores can encourage people to buy your spices. Try to sell your spices in all the local stores to capture most of the market.

You can also sell your spices in hotels and restaurants. Contact the hotel owner or chef to offer your spices. Provide the proper information about your spices, giving them the reason why your product is the best. Succeeding in selling your product in restaurants or hotels is a good start for the spice business.

Find the opportunity to sell your spices. You can sell them in the local cooking school, catering, and party venues. Approach every individual who can buy your spices.

6. Sell in an online store

online selling
online selling

There are many e-commerce websites that sell varieties of products from different brands. You can make your product available on those websites as people are willing to buy the products from an online store. When people are attracted to online shopping, it is the best decision to increase the online visibility of your produce. The more often people see your product online, then they get attracted to your products and may buy them.

You can sell your spices in popular online stores like daraz.com and sastodeal.com. You may also look for other online opportunities to sell your spices or spices manufacturers in Nepal.

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