Chicken Thuka Recipe

Thukpa Recipe: Nepali Style Vegetable Noodle Soup

Thukpa is a noodle soup mixed with boiled vegetables. It is among the popular dish in Kathmandu and the Himalayan region of Nepal. Especially during the winter season, people prefer to take a sip of thukpa as it helps in keeping your body warm.

As thukpa is a very hot soup so, this is good food for those who live in the cold region. Generally, people prefer to eat thukpa for lunch. To spice up, it is eaten with tomato achar.

Where Was Thukpa Originated?

Nepali style thukpa is inspired by the Tibetan noodle soup. Actually, thukpa is originated from the eastern part of Tibet. Thukpa is very popular with Tibetans and people in Nepal. Also, it is loved by people in Sikkim and Darjeeling in India.

There are many varieties of thukpa. And Nepali thukpa is different from other versions. It is spicy and has many flavors.

 Thukpa can be vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian. Thukpa with just vegetables and noodles is vegetarian thukpa, and one that also has chicken is non-vegetarian.

Nepali Style Thukpa Recipe

This is a non-vegetarian thukpa recipe. Nepalese are found of meat, so undoubtedly, thukpa uses meat. 

Using chicken in the thukpa enhances its flavor, which is why in Himalayan noodle soup is served with lead chicken pieces.

Try to use every ingredient and follow the steps carefully of the recipe so that you get exact Nepali style thukpa.

Thukpa Recipe: Ingredients

  • Chicken
  •  Oil
  • Spaghetti


  • Onion
  • Cabbage
  • Carrots
  • Green Chili
  • Cilantro
  • Green Onion
  • Capsicum
  • Tomatoes


Thukpa Recipe: Instructions

The instruction segment is divided into three parts. The first part is chopping vegetables, and the other is preparing thukpa. This thukpa recipe is quite easy, just follow every instruction.

Chopping vegetables and spices

There is a way of chopping vegetables while making thukpa. All vegetables are not chopped in a similar manner.

Step 1:

Get cabbage, carrot, and capsicums. If possible, you can get three different color capsicum, i.e, green, red, and yellow. Cabbage, carrot, and capsicums need to be slice like a thread. You will need to slice one cup of cabbage, one cup of carrot, and one cup of three different color capsicums.

Step 2:

 Now get onion, green onions, and tomatoes. You will need half onion, two green onions, and two medium-size tomatoes. These three vegetables are to be chopped finely.

Step 3:

You will also need chop ginger and garlic. You will half tablespoon finely chopped ginger and half tablespoon finely chopped garlic.

Step 4:

 Now you have to chop cilantro for garnishing. Chop it according to your preference. You can chop it roughly or finely.

Step 5:

 As per your taste, you can use green chili in this thukpa recipe. Take two or three green chilies and slice it from the middle.

Put all the chopped and sliced vegetables aside and get ready to prepare thukpa.

 Thukpa Recipe: Thukpa Making

This is a very important part of thukpa making. Nepali style thukpa is all about masala. So follow every instruction mentioned.

Step 1:

Take a pan and heat it on the low medium flame with oil. You will need to heat three tablespoons of oil.

Step 2:

When the oil is hot, add half tablespoon chopped garlic and half tablespoon chopped ginger. Then add half a tablespoon of turmeric powder. Fry the spices until the smell is gone. You might have to fry it for a minute.

Step 3:

Then you need to add 400 grams of chopped chicken. Make sure chicken pieces are not too big. And you need to use boneless chicken. Cook the chicken on medium flame.

Step 4:

 Fry the chicken until they are cooked. Keep stirring so that each side of the chicken is cooked evenly.

Step 5:

 Then you need to add chopped red onion, half tablespoon red chili powder, sliced green chili, one tablespoon salt, and one tablespoon garam masala. Let the onion cook until it turns golden brown.

Step 6:

Add chopped tomatoes. Cook the tomatoes until it gets blended with other ingredients.

Step 7:

 Now you need to add all the chopped vegetables. Add finely sliced carrots, cabbages, and capsicums, and finely chopped green onion.  

Step 8:

Let all the vegetables cook. Keep stirring the vegetables to avoid burning. You can cook them for two to three minutes.

Step 9:

 Then you need to add one and a half cups of water. You can increase or decrease water according to your preference. If you want thick soup, you can boil water longer, and if you want thin soup, you can add more water. For the perfect texture of the soup, you can boil for five minutes.

Step 10:

Now you need to add boiled spaghetti. You need to cook the spaghetti for one minute. As spaghetti is already boiled, you don’t want to overcook it. So, cook it more than a minute.

Step 11:

Turn off the flame after a minute of cooking spaghetti. Then add chopped cilantro.

Step 12:

Then squeeze half lemon into it.

Your Nepali style thukpa is ready to be serve.

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