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Top 10 Spices Companies in Nepal According to Nepali People

Spices are an essential part of the daily food habit of Nepali. Several spice companies in Nepal produce all different kinds of spices. But, do you know about top 10 spices companies in Nepal?

Nepal is very rich in the production of all types of spices. The varied landscape and climate of the country suit the production of whole spices. Hence, it has given rise to different spice companies in Nepal.

Although Nepali people like to make their own spices naturally in the kitchen right before cooking, the demand for packaged spices is also increasing in the market. This is a good indication for space companies in the country.

The majorly manufactured species in Nepal are garam masala powder, curry powder, chili powder, turmeric powder, ginger powder, Himalayan pink salt, black salt, meat masala, etc. These species are famous domestically and reliable export abroad as well.

Some of these spice companies also deal in rare and unique spices that are only found under challenging terrains of Nepal. Nepal also imports these spices to different countries throughout the world. If you want to learn more about top 10 spices companies in Nepal, then keep on reading this article.

Top 10 Spices Companies in Nepal

1. Century Spices and Snacks

Century spices are a well-known name in Nepali households. This company is one of the top 10 spices companies in Nepal. It has had an experience of more than forty years in spice and snack production. The company produces more than a hundred different varieties of products.

Their spices are made from pure natural ingredients under advanced hygiene and quality conditions. The herbs from this company are halal certified and also certified by Hygienics World UHF Council.

Century Foods Products
Century Foods Products

This company produces whole spices, ground spice powder, and blended spices. Additionally, the company also makes pickles, jams, cookies, crunchy snacks, curated dry fruits, and premium tea.

Undoubtedly, century spices are one of the most loved spice products in each and every Nepali household.

2. Dugar Species and Food Products Pvt. Ltd

Dugar Spices is one of the most significant spices manufacturers in Nepal. They are located in Biratnagar, Nepal. In addition to producing high-quality spices, they also supply their products to the market globally.

This spice company was founded in 2001 and is known as one of the biggest wholesalers of spices in Nepal. It has its working branches in Kathmandu as well. Currently, this spice company is branded under the Century group portfolio.

3. NDH Spices and Snacks Manufacturer Company

NDH Spices are the third-largest spice manufacturer in Nepal and one of the most popular one too. They collect and produce organic Himalayan spice products.

In fact, it is one of the trusted brands of spices in the Nepali market. Their spices signify purity and exotic aroma and flavor. Also, this company test every product of this company before supplying it to the consumers.

The company makes all different types of blended, whole, and ground spices.

They also make crunchy snacks and namkeens in addition to their spices. NDH is a brand of spices that is exported n different countries around the world.

4. BK Masala Industries

BK Masala industries is a leading spice industry in Eastern Nepal. They are located at Dhamrambnath Road in Biratnagar, Kathmandu.

This company provides the best quality species to the Nepali spice industry. They have a wide range of whole, ground, and mixed species.

Different Spices
Different Spices

They handpick all of their species, thoroughly clean, and then ground to make the spice products. Some of their products are cumin seeds, coriander seeds, cardamom, cloves, fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds, powders, and so on.

5. National Organics Pvt. Ltd

The national organics company is a Kathmandu-based species manufacturer, supplier, and exporter. They deal in special oil seeds and spices like turmeric and Himalayan ginger. In fact, the primary product of the company is Cordyceps Sinensis (Yarhsagumba) which is found only in Nepal.

This company also specialize in mushroom and truffles. You can also buy Himalayan coffee beans and Chinese herbs from this company. Their company office is at Balaju Height, Kathmandu.

6. Aeron International Nepal

Aeron International is one of Nepal’s largest suppliers of spices and herbs. They sell whole spices and process them to extract essential oils from them.

Actually, the company supplies all kinds of raw seasonal herbs to the domestic and international markets. The company extracts and distills different types of herbs and herbal products. Its office is located in Kathmandu, Nepal.

7. RR Global Pvt Ltd

RR Global is an importer and exporter of spices. They deal in species, medicinal herbs, vegetables, and other agricultural products.

However, they specialize in dried ginger and big cardamom. The company office of this spice company is in Lalitpur, Kathmandu.

8. Herbs and Spices Nepal

The Herbs and Spices Nepal is a Kalimati, Kathmandu-based spice company in Nepal. They specialize in collecting, trading, and exporting medicinal herbs, raw spices, spices herbs, and dry fruits.

This company exports species like Large Cardamon, Turmeric, Bay Leaves, Dried Red Choli, Curry Leaf, Cassia, etc. They collect the Himalayan spices from all over Nepal and provide the best quality ones.

9. Bajrang RBDM Pvt. Ltd

The Bajrang RBDM is an infamous exporter and food supplier. Their company office location is at Pritihivi Chowk, Pokhara. They offer a wide range of essential oils, spices, and natural herbs. Besides, the company also manufactures Organic Tea, Coffee, etc.

Dried Herbs
Dried Herbs

Their food items are procured from very reliable sources, and the quality meets international standards. The products are well received in the market for their fresh aroma and phenomenal taste.

10. Current Masala Company

The current masala company is a newbie to the spice industry in Nepal. They are locally known spice industry and yey have to make a make in the spice market.

This company produces all different kinds of blended and ground spices like meat masala, chili powder, curry masala, mix masala, etc. The products are comparatively less known in the households of the country.

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