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Though a side dish, achar (pickle) is a lively part of the meal that everyone loves, it completes every word and mostly goes perfectly with a heavy meal such as rice, lentils, and curry.

Well, achar (pickle) mix fruits and vegetables with spices. The holes add spicy flavors to your everyday food, and every single achar differs in its taste and ingredients.

As a fun fact, they are also pretty easy to make in your own home, but sadly, most people choose to try out the readied store bottles. But these homemade pickles are easy to make though it is pretty time-consuming.

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Hence, if you have patience while making this pickle, you will be rewarded with the rustic flavor characteristic of this pickle.

Top Ten Must-Try Achar (Pickles) In Nepal

When it comes to pickles in Nepal, there are numerous varieties, from fermented to fresh pickles. Every single of these pickles has its taste and can be preserved for a long time in a refrigerator.

Moving on, you can find pickles in several flavors of your choice, from sour, sweet, spicy, tangy, and many more; below are the top ten best achars (pickles) you must try now.

Aloo ko Achar (Potato Pickle)

It is one of the easy pickles to make and crucial in a Nepali household. Additionally, it is an easy recipe for pickles you can create using boiled potatoes.

Well, it is also like a quick sour, tangy snack and can come in various versions. In addition to it, people also add onions, cucumbers, carrots, and radishes to this recipe. Without mustard oil, white sesame, and fenugreek seeds, you cannot make this achar.

potato pickle one of the most popular types of achar recipe
Aloo ko achar (Source – Flickr)

Later, it is topped with coriander leaves and chopped green chilies. Altogether, it tastes the best with roti or puri and is also delicious with rice and other meals.

Chili Sesame Pickle

It is an effortlessly put-together pickle that is a classic combination with millet dhido, rotis, or even khichadi. As a fun fact, this particular pickle can be made with just a mortar and pestle.

Furthermore, this pickle depicts spicy and tangy flavors and an intense aroma of fennel and mustard. This recipe includes fennel, mustard, sesame, green chilies, julienned red onions, and onion seeds.

This particular pickle is made with mustard oil and goes perfectly with rotis.

Pudina ko Achar (Mint Leaf Pickle)

This pickle is made of mint leaves and emerald green in color. It is a freshly made pickle with the tingling taste of mint, coriander leaves, ginger, and garlic.

Yes, this pickle has a strong aroma that adds an extra dimension to the flavor.

Gundruk ko Achar

Indeed, gundruk ko achar is one of the most addictive pickles you can have. It is made with fermented green leafy vegetables such as spinach, radish, cabbage, and many more.

It is one of the traditional pickles in Nepali households which includes ingredients such as grind coriander seed, cumin seed, Timur, turmeric powder, dry red chilies, garlic, and ginger. Also, you can use it solely as a salad or even have it with rotis or rice. Moving on, you can also add bhatmas in this pickle.

Tite karela ko Achar (Bitter Gourd Pickle)

With healthy benefits and a bitter, spicy taste, Tite Karela ko achar is a tempting pickle or side dish. To make this pickle, you will need thinly sliced bitter gourd with ground sesame, mustard seed, and roasted mustard oil.

Furthermore, you can add chilies as per the spiciness you would like. Overall, this delicious pickle has a spicy, tangy, nutty, and smoky flavor with slight bitterness and a crunchy texture. Well, you can try this pickle with rotis or dal bhaat tarkari.

Mula ko Achar

This is one of the classic pickles in Nepalese households that is made with fermented radish slices. This pickle portrays spicy, sour, savory, and irresistible flavors in each bite.

Initially, the reddish slices are fermented, where their starch and sugar are converted into alcohol, lactic acid, or gases. It is made in an enclosed airtight jar and is kept in direct sunlight for weeks before eating.

Golbheda ko Achar (Tomato Pickle)

The tomato pickle is the easiest pickle to make in just a few minutes. It makes any of your dishes spicy and tangy. Many households traditionally make this achar using mortar, while some use a blender. However, they say the tomato pickle in a blender is less tasty than mortar.

Tomato Chutney
Tomato Chutney (Source – Wikimedia Commons)

Additionally, the ingredients used in this pickle is also not extravagant. You can dip this tomato pickle while eating any dish you are cooking.

Lapsi ko Achar (Hog Plum Pickle)

This is a bittersweet pickle choice made out of hog plums. It is one of the most popular fruit pickles that is hot and spicy.

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As per one’s taste, you can also add sugar to make it sweet. Moving on, you can use the peels while making the pickle.

Pyaaz ko Achar (Onion Pickle)

This particular pickle is one of the super-fast recipes you can make in a few minutes and store to have it even four to five days later.

You can make this pickle with a few ingredients like onions, kaccha aam, water, vinegar, and salt. This pickle has sharp flavors; you can make the spice leek as you desire.

Green Chili Pickle

Green chili pickles are one of the easiest and spicy pickles you can make with only four ingredients. Here, the main ingredients are green chili, mustard seeds, mustard oil, and salt.

However, add additional ingredients such as garlic, pickle masala, and turmeric.


Nepal is also rich in different varieties of pickles and their recipes. You can buy the ingredients or Masala which is used while preparing pickles from Century-Foods.

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