Types of Momos

Types of Momos in Nepal

Momos for Nepali people isn’t just a food item rather an emotion, a memory, and a tradition. But did you know of the different varieties of Momo that can delight your palate? If you want to learn more about the types of Momos found in Nepal, then keep on keep on exploring. 

Although Momo is served in different South Asian countries surrounding Nepal like Bhutan and India, its origin is still in debate. However, according to Nepalese history, Momo is a cuisine of Tibetan people. 

Whatever may the debate be about its origin, this typical dish has been modified according to the preference of people.  

In Nepal, Momo is the most loved snack of the day because of its taste and affordable price too. 

Here is the list of different types of Momos that are usually found in Nepal: 

1. Steamed Momo

It is the most basic Momo that is found in every restaurant in Nepal. In fact, steamed Momo is made occasionally in every household across the country. Steamed Momo can also be of various kinds depending upon the filling inside it. 

The major ones are Buff Momo, chicken Momo, and Vegetarian Momo. Non-veg Momo consists of minced meat mixed with herbs and spices wrapped inside a thin layer of dough made up of wheat.

Whereas the Veg ones consist of finely chopped seasonal vegetables. Steamed Momo is often served with finely ground tomato and sesame sauce. 

2. Kothey Momo

Kothey Momo is one of the popular types of Momos that are found in Nepal. It is usually wrapped in an elongated shape and filling can also vary widely. In fact, it is a pan-fried Momo which is initially half steamed and then half fried on a pan. 

The filling in this Momo can be vegetables, chicken, buff, or pork according to the preference of people. It is served with a tangy tomato sauce and spicy hilly sauce.

3. Chilly Momo

Chilly Momo is usually suited for the palate of those who love chicken chilly. It is commonly known as C Momo where C is a short form for Chilly. This Momo is the best option for people who hot and spicy food.

 It also has stirred fried chilies, onion, and tomato soaked in sauce to accentuate the flavor of the fried Momo. Alike other varieties, the chilly Momo has options for vegetarian and non-vegetarian fillings. 

4. Open Momo

Open Momo is a new variety that is recently popular in the restaurant menu. 

It is similar to the steamed momo, but the only difference is that this Momo isn’t entirely covered with the dough. 

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Like as the name suggests, open Momo has open holes on the top which can be used to put on the sauce and eat. Different restaurants and food hubs in the major city Kathmandu of Nepal serve open momos. It was in trend when it was first introduced to food lovers.

Open momo is also available with a variety of fillings that can range from vegetarian to non-vegetarian options.

5. Chocolate Momo

The idea of using white and dark chocolates in the filling of Momo is an innovative concept. Chocolate momo has a unique flower-like shape with a flowy chocolate-filled inside.

This trendy and stylish momo can be eaten as a dessert. However, the chocolate momos can be a little pricier than the rest for the expensive chocolate filling that it has inside.

6. Sadheko Momo

Sadheko Momo is a spicy, tangy, and flavorful Momo suited for the palate of the people who love spice. The steamed Momo is mixed with herbs, tomato, sliced onions, garlic, and spices like salt, pepper, oil, and a hint of lemon.

The sadheko momo is basically like a spiced of salad with only a variation of the momos as its base.

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You may find sadheko momo in both vegetarian and nonvegetarian option.

7. Soup Momo/Jhol Momo

It wouldn’t be a lie to say soup momo or jhol momo is one of the most loved types of Momos in Nepal, usually in winter seasons. Although the name jhol and soup is considered similar in Nepal, the variation in momo is slightly different.

In jhol momo, the steamed momos are served with tangy flowy sauce made with sesame seeds and tomato mixed with other spices.

Whereas in soup momo, the steamed momo is served with a vegetable or meat soup based on preference. This mom is available in both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian options.

 8. Tandoori Momo

The tandoori Momo is best suited for the food lovers who like that smoky flavor in their food. As the name suggests, the tandoori momo is prepared by tossing them in a “tandoor”, which is a clay oven.

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Here, the soft momos are first fired in a pan and then tossed in tandoori marinade made with different spices and herbs.

 Each momo is then individually skewered and then gilled in a clay oven. Tandoori momo is served with tomato dips and mint sauce. 

9. Green Momo

Green momo is a new trend in Nepali restaurants. The term refers to the green covering of the momo which is usually filled with green vegetables.

In this momo, even the covering is made green by using spinach while blending the flour. Then the filling is made with vegetables and steamed. Green momo is also served with tangy tomato sauce and chili sauce.

10. Buckwheat Momo

People of Nepal use buckwheat very widely in their cuisine. They use it to make bread, chapattis and other dishes. Similarly, the trend of using buckwheat flour for making momo is also a new trend. 

It is usually preferred by the health conscious who love the taste of Momo. Buckwheat momos are highly rich in dietary fibbers and protein. 

It is also available in various choices of filling which may be meat or vegetables.

11. Cheese Momo

Cheese momos are named so for the filling that is used inside the Momo. The soft wheat dough wraps soft and fresh cheese and is steamed for few minutes.

After cooking, the cheese filling becomes flowy and gooey inside. It is served with two different types of sauces, a regular one with tomato ad another one with chilly.

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