Types Of Nepali Food: From A Nepalese Preference

Alongside the diverse culture and traditions, Nepal presents equally diversified cuisines and dishes. All types of Nepalese foods are a blend of lip-smacking flavors and intense aromas. Not to mention, most of these cuisines are also quite healthy and organic. In this article, we are going to explain the types of Nepali food.

Additionally, all these Nepalese cuisines blend inspirations from the Indian, Chinese, and Tibetan cultures. Also, a fun fact, these Nepalese dishes appeal to both vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Hence, Nepali cuisines are a huge asset to every food connoisseur.

Nepalese cuisine offers an interesting exploration if you are a food enthusiast traveling to experience the blend of complex and satisfying flavors. Moreover, they are also high in nutritional value and provide immense pleasure to your tastebuds.

Some Iconic Types Of Nepalese Cuisines

The condiments of Nepalese cuisine are quite simple and pleasurable. Yet all these dishes are a great start to exploring the historical richness through the taste. Below are the different varieties of Nepalese cuisines that you must try while in Nepal.

Dal Bhaat Tarkari: A types of Nepali food

The staple dish of Nepal, Dal Bhaat Tarkari (pulse, rice, and curry), is essential here. Yes, they are everyday and primary dishes in every Nepalese household.

Furthermore, the authentic dish consists of Bhaat (steamed rice), Dal (lentil soup), and Tarkaari (several varieties of seasonal veggies). Not to mention, this dish is one of the beloved among the Nepalese and provides a wholesome share of nutrition with Century Foods.

This cuisine can be served with multiple side dishes of seasonal veggies or meat. Likewise, it is also filled with a side of dahi (yogurt).

Momos is also a types of Nepali food

One of the most popular dishes in Nepal, momos are present in every restaurant, hotel, and household. Not to mention, they are savored fondly by every Nepalese, either as snacks or even dinner.

types of Nepali food
Local Nepali Cuisine (Source = Wikimedia)

Well, momos are bite-sized dumplings made with fillings of veggies and meats. These momos are made with white flour stuffed with stuffings of your liking. The fillings can be of any meat option (buff, chicken, pork, or lamb) and vegetable option (cabbage, carrot, potatoes, capsicum, and many more).

All of these are often served with a delicious dip or sauce.

Newari Thaali

One of the mouth-savoring dishes in the local communities in Nepal, the Newari Thali comprises several food entities. As a fun fact, this cuisine includes dishes of around 200 varieties. Yes, this dish is quite elaborate.

All these Newari thalis vary with meat varieties, vegetable choices, soups, lunch ideas, salads, and desserts. One of the main components of this cuisine is the flaked rice (chiura); hence, it is served with multiple vegetable options on the side.

Here, you will also have a variety of pickled vegetables and some other salad options. Likewise, these thalis also come in both non-veg and veg options. Lastly, the dish is ended with yogurt.

Sel Roti

The perfect description of sel roti combines a doughnut and a bagel. This particular dish is often made widely during the main festivals of Dashain and Tihar.

These sel rotis are made with rice flour dough which is later deep-fried. These often taste crunchy and crispy and go quite well with the side curries. Any sort of curries or pickles or even soup tastes the best on its side.

Gundruk And Dhido

Known as the national dish of Nepal, Gundruk and Dhido are quite popular and hold multiple health benefits. Here, Dhido is a thick porridge made up of paddy flour, cornmeal, buckwheat flour, or millet flour. Likewise, Gundruk is made up of dried leafy vegetables.

This dish provides whole nutrition and is useful for avoiding problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, and uric acid.


Perfect for the cold weather, thukpa is a thick soup with long noodles. Yes, it is a winter delicacy and comes with an influence of Tibetan and Chinese cuisine.

Here, the noodles are long, thick, and immersed in a thick broth. Likewise, thukpa can be made for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices. These are high in nutrients and seasoned with high proteins. Furthermore, you can also adjust its spice level.

Some Other types of Nepali Food

Talking about Nepali cuisine, there are multiple dishes you can try on while in Nepal. From spicy ones to seasoned dishes, you can try on various eateries while here. Some of the top picks of Nepalese cuisines are listed below.

  • Dried meats and sukuti
  • Choila
  • Bara
  • Yomari
  • Samya Bhaji
  • Chatamari

All About Nepalese Cuisines

When it comes to typical Nepalese cuisines, there is no specific recipes or dish idea on it. The food items differ from place to place and vary with altitude and ethnic group.

Yet again, if you think of a staple Nepalese food item, it will always be rice, and you can find it in every corner of the nation. However, in higher altitudes like the Himalayas, people often switch rice with buckwheat and barley as the main component.

Likewise, every household prepares curry and lentils on the side. Moving on, all Nepalese use ghee and butter in abundant amounts in their food recipe.

Moving on to higher altitudes, most foods are warm as per the temperature. But as you go higher, the food menus get much more expensive and limited. Furthermore, you can also find loads of potatoes and eggs. In addition to it, the Everest region has wide varieties of soup and porridge. Likewise, they also have yak butter.

Later coming down to the hilly region, they are abundant with meat products varying from buffalo, goat, chicken, lamb, and others. As a fun fact, you will not find beef in Nepal, as cows are worshipped as gods here. Similarly, this region also has several seasonal vegetables.

Lastly, the Terai region in Nepal is rich in food items. This region is rich in basmati rice and loads of tropical fruits. Furthermore, this region is also one of the main producers of vegetables across the country.

Altogether, the food in Nepal varies in every nook and corner of the nation.

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