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Why Do Momos Taste So Good? The Secret To The Perfect Masala

Momo: a mouthwatering word. It is the emotion and a full blast of heavenly flavors. Being in Nepal and not knowing about the popularity of Momos is indeed unacceptable. In fact, Momos are the unofficial national dish of Nepal, with only richness dipping from it. If you just see around, Momos are a mandatory dish in every cafe, restaurant, or even household you go to. It is everyone’s favorite dish and undoubtedly one of the best satisfying snacks known.
Momos, a taste of heaven!
Momos, a taste of heaven!
So these bite-sized snacks are symbolic dishes, and everyone can not get enough of them at any time. So, why does everyone love Momos so much? Why is it such a popular item on the menu?

Why Does Everyone Love Momos?

Locally available on any corner, Momos have been around for years ahead. Today, people make them with the touch of their own special recipe. Either for lunch, dinner, or meal, Nepalese consumes Momos at any time of the day. Well, everyone loves Momos because of their mouth-savoring taste. With them, you can have crunchiness, softness, and fresh dipping flavor alongside the spicy and salty pickle and Apart from it, Momos come in different varieties and are available at any time of the day and anywhere.

Varieties of Momos

Considering the different fillings inside and the types of ways one prepares it, Momos have several varieties. Yes, all these varieties do differ in their taste and textures.

Steamed (Veg or Non-Veg Momos)

Steamed Momos are the typical types you can find cooked with steam. Their fillings vary on one’s taste which may include non-veg items such as chicken, buff, pork, and many more. Likewise, veg fillings include cabbage, paneer, spinach, and many more.

Kothey / Fried Momos

After preparing steam momos, the momos are fried until crispy golden brown color to bring some texture to their outer coverings. In contrast, Kothey Momos are only fried at the bottom while the others are left steamed.

C Momos

C Momos are simply chili momos that are made with spicy sauce and vegetables. They are steamed and dipped in chilly red sauce.

Sadheko Momo

These momos are similar to that pickles. They are prepared in the way we do for pickles, a little savory, little sour.

Jhol Momo

Similar to C Momos, Jhol Momos are also dipped, but as C Momos were with the chili sauce, Jhol Momos are immersed in a broth. These broths are created with liquid sauce. Moving on, there are much more types of Momos. You can taste many flavors with other versions, such as open momos, tandoori momos, khuwa momos, and many more. So even if you are vegan and might think Momos are not the ones for you, then you might be wrong. The vegan Momos come in various fillings that are as delicious as non-vegan momos. And if your mouth is watering right now, yes, we feel you. After all, it’s as good as it can get! Also, it would be best if you did not forget the sauce, which is the right hand of the star of the show.

The Recipe To Perfect Momo Masala

The journey to perfect momos is a perfect momo masala. The spices indeed determine the heavenly taste of the dish. Indeed, you can find the masala in any local store, but if you wish to make it fresh at home, it is still an easy way. All it takes for the preparation is the everyday spices you can find in your kitchen.
Century Momo Masala
Century Momo Masala


  • Whole black pepper (Kaalo Mircha) – 1/2 tbsp
  • Dry ginger (Aduwa) -1/2 inch
  • Cloves (lwaang) – 9
  • Cardamoms (elaichi) – 6
  • Dried chilies – 9
  • Bay leaves (Tej patta) – 2
  • Cinnamon stick (Dalchinni) – 2 inches
  • Mustard seeds (tori) – 1/2 tbsp
  • Small-sized Nutmeg (Jaiphal) – 1
  • Fenugreek seeds (Methi) – 1/2 tbsp
  • Coriander seeds (Dhaniya) – 1 tbsp
  • Salt – 1/2 tbsp
  • Turmeric powder (Haldhi) – 1/2 tbsp

Preparation Steps

Step 1:

Get ready with all your ingredients in the exact amount stated above. Often when you make spices, some people tend to add onions and garlic to them too. However, since we have already added them in Keema (minced meat), it is better not to add them here again.

Step 2:

In low heat, roast all the spices except salt and turmeric in the pan. As you roast them, stir them gently.

Step 3:

Keep on heating the spices until they turn light brown, and yes, make sure not to burn them.

Step 4:

Let the spices cool down a little, and then grind them all together to make a fine powder.

Step 5:

Now, add turmeric and salt (as per your taste) and mix them all evenly.

Understand Momo Making

Among Nepalese people, Momo is a way of life. As complicated as it may look, Momo is a simple dish to make. Take a quick look at the steps to create your delicacies.

Step 1:

First, you need to make the dough. For it, take a big bowl, add flour (maida) and start kneading after adding water. It would be best if you kept on kneading until it got soft. After you have prepared it, keep it in a plastic bag and allow it to rest for a few hours.

Step 2:

For Keema, you can opt for any minced meat you like (chicken, pork, buff, or any). Likewise, if you are opting for the vegan side, you can also have several choices. Put your Keema in the bowl, and add minced onions, garlic paste, turmeric, salt, cumin, and all the other spices prepared. Then, stir the Keema well and let it sit for a bit.

Step 3:

Take the dough you made and divide it into small portions enough to make a small circle.

Step 4:

Flatten the dough and make a circle out of it. Fill the Keema in the middle of the circle.

Step 5:

Give shape and design your Momo. Then, put it into the steamer after oiling it.

Step 6:

Boil water in a steamer, and then let your Momo sit in the steamer for more than ten minutes.

Step 7:

Your Momo is ready to serve and eat!
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